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Um, your facts are wrong.

"Oregon’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 8.6 percent in March, essentially unchanged from 8.7 percent in February. The February figure was originally reported as 8.8 percent. Oregon’s unemployment rate dropped a full percentage point from 9.6 percent in March 2011." - Oregon.gov

More specifically, and verifiable by visiting this non-partisan website: http://www.deptofnumbers.com/unemployment/oregon/
Oregon unemployment rate has dropped consistently every month he's been in office. Like him or not, lets at least attempt to stick to the facts. If he is as bad as so many people claim, I would think that their would be enough facts to stand on without stating lies.

I'm no Kitzhaber supporter, voted for Dudley, and would sign a recall petition the moment I see one if it were based on relevant fact. However, I am a bigger proponent of the truth, than any specific politician.

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Yeah, because I'm sure asking the owner would get to the bottom of it...

'Why yes, officer. Had I not crashed, you'd have seen how I play!'

Please, bro. Lets use that mind.

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'97: 288.0 V
'00: 273.6 V
'04: 201.6 V
'06: 288.0 V

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I do have reason to say that. I been buy the park that they... 'protested'... in(god, that's a stretch for that word). It's destroyed. Grass is gone, things vandalized. Complaining about me saying things don't make them less true. Not to mention watching them attack officers across the country via various live streams(be them from the news, or from the Occupiers themselves).

Or, perhaps you were talking about the well documented increase crime rates around Occupy 'protests'? For every city that has a large 'protest' from these creeps except for New York City, you can view crime statistics released by the police department and see for yourself that crime rates go up when the 'protesters' are around. Not to mention the dozens that have been arrested for crimes and listed the protest sites as their address in their booking information, or the various protesters that have been rightfully arrested for breaking the law, like those idiots in NYC that attempted to cross the Brooklyn Bridge on foot despite being warned via loudspeaker that not only was it illegal, but that they would be arrested if they tried it.

And you bet the Tea Party protesters can stick to misspelling signs and thinking Obama is a commie nazi. Last I checked, you are free to think what you want, even say what you want, in this country, no matter who disagrees with you. What you aren't allowed to do is become domestic terrorists like the Occupy 'protesters'.

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Perhaps the coverage of the Tea Party didn't show vandalism and destruction because.... they didn't vandalism or destroy things? Their is evidence that you can easily go see in numerous cities across the country that shows that Occupy does, in fact, vandalize and destroy.

I don't agree with either of those groups, but Occupy is, by several fold, the more violent and destructive of the two. Not to mention full of criminals(as witnessed by the increase crime stats for areas where Occupy 'protests' have occurred).

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Are you really trying to say that the Occupy protesters haven't vandalized or destroyed things? I know of a park in PDX that would seem to contradict that...

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Perhaps this 'world is going to end' thing is true. The Spawn of Snooki is imminent.

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So, endless babbling about how the state needs to reign in its spending, how 'immorality is eroding the foundation of the country', yet the Repubs cant come up with people to even try to get these positions. Pathetic.

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I understand that flooding isn't a good thing, I live in an area that gets flooded several times per year. But 'this is what we feared the most'? Really? The most? So, someone breaking into your house, beating you within an inch of your life, raping your children, and covering every inch of your walls with hazardous waste ranked LOWER than flood waters in your 'what to be afraid of' list?

Ya'll Salem people are weird.

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Exactly. Hate to break it to the 'occupiers', but 'writhing in pain' and having a 'broken back' generally cancel each other out. If he'd been laying on the ground, perfectly still, unable to make a sound with just silent tears running down his cheek, then I would be inclined to believe that he had broken his back.