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Depends on who the Dems run. Even if Trump loses the state (which I think is a huge possibility, especially if the economy goes south), a left-wing candidate still probably can't win here. Sinema is an amazing candidate, but I can't really think of another one like her in the party at the moment.

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Sigh, yet again... Looks like gay marriage is kaput (at least for now) in Cuba. I think many people here (and I hate to say it given how much I really like and respect you guys) are kind of willfully ignoring the venomous homophobia that seems to consume large parts of Latin America, excepting maybe Argentina and Uruguay. Frankly it seems a hell of a lot worse than anyplace in the US, even the Deep South.

The article seems to state that gay marriage will be addressed "later" in a Family Code revision, but I think we've all seen that movie before.

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Sigh. So much for any sort of sweeping decision that would bring marriage equality to huge swaths of the Commonwealth...

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I'm sure they'd withdraw from the jurisdiction completely, or simply refuse to follow any pro-gay ruling. No way in HELL Brunei allows gay marriage. As far as Muslim countries go, maybe Turkey in about a hundred years or so. If we're lucky.

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Asian culture is super conservative socially, and the bigots were able to use every disgusting scare tactic against the gay marriage "boogeyman". Had the country legalized when the court TOLD them to, a lot of their nonsense would have been shown to be false (but the referenda still might have passed).

Now the big question is what happens to gay marriage? According to their Supreme Court, the country has to pass SOMETHING before next year's deadline, but now it will most likely be some kind of civil union.

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Sigh. And the truly pathetic part is that the cowardly bitch (sorry) president refused to do anything about marriage equality in order to avoid hurting her party's chances, and she STILL got her party's asses kicked.

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Unfortunately, we are apparently getting murdered in the early results. Maybe the tide will turn somewhat, but so far this is exactly what I was afraid was going to happen. I hope that coward of a president is happy.

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There are still around 350,000 votes outstanding in AZ. I REALLY wish the media would stop with that "99% reporting" bullshit. It's based on precinct counts which ignore the hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots. It's factually incorrect and feeds the deplorable fantasies about vote-stealing.

In AZ, we can turn in mail-in ballots all the way up to Election Day, and it takes a week or more to verify the signature and then count them. The vast majority of the time, they don't change the outcome so people don't pay attention and they can call the election that night. In a close race like this, however, every vote does matter.

It's also worth noting that the latter votes from Maricopa County (Phoenix) are thought to be more friendly to McSally, so this thing can definitely tighten again.

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Bummer. Vote on marriage equality postponed. I guess they only allow one day at a time for sessions in the Czech parliament, and some other issue dominated the debate. Better late than never, I suppose (or rather I HOPE).

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Fingers, toes and eyes crossed. Czechia would be the first Slavic and first ex-Warsaw Pact country with marriage equality. Hopefully then pressure could be exerted on Slovakia and Hungary, maybe even another go in Slovenia.