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Yes!!! See, every time we have a setback in one place, we get good news in another. Can anybody imagine saying that ten, fifteen years ago??

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67% of Americans support marriage equality. Those numbers are almost the exact opposite of what they were ONLY TEN YEARS AGO. When Pride month started, major companies were falling all over themselves to tweet their support for us. Just today we got some fantastic news out of the EU, and hopefully some more good news from Bermuda tomorrow and Latin America in the coming months. I call that winning the battle of public opinion.

As far as baking wedding cakes goes, we'll just have to agree to disagree. And I completely agree with what was said earlier in the thread. My gay dollars go to companies and people who support equality. I have no interest in forcing someone who hates me to take my money.

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I really, really, really hope they don't do that. We have so many bigger fish to fry, and stuff like that is just making more and more people hate us when we are winning the battle for hearts and minds in this country. This baker is a slimy little nothing, and we're just giving him the publicity and business he craves. Several people on Twitter were bragging about ordering celebratory cakes from him yesterday.

When we have nationwide non-discrimination laws in employment, when marriage is codified into state laws so even if Obergefell is overturned we won't be screwed, when gay refugees from Muslim and African countries are welcomed here - THEN let's worry about vendettas against individual people.

Besides, who wants someone who hates you to make you baked goods? Didn't ANYONE here see "The Help"?

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Guys, we are getting WAAAAAAY ahead of ourselves in Tennessee. The GOP in the state isn't worried in the slightest as of yet. It's worth keeping in mind that Bredesen was a former governor and is known statewide, Blackburn is just a House rep and is only known in her district. In the end, if things keep going the way they are going she will win by 10 or so.

Of course, with this president, you can't take anything for granted and he may very well tank the economy, which will cause a GOP wipeout for the ages.

I actually think McCaskill is safer than several of the other Senators because she can potentially get high Dem turnout in St. Louis and Kansas City to offset the rest of the state. Montana, North Dakota, and West Virginia don't have any real liberal areas to try and turn out, even if those Senators are technically more popular than McCaskill.

I think the path for a Dem Senate (and it's a longshot) is: picking up Nevada (highly likely), picking up Arizona (much tougher but doable, especially if a nutcase wins the GOP primary), and then holding all the other states (VERY doubtful but technically possible). If the economic situation changes drastically, then Texas is a possible pickup, but I certainly wouldn't hold my breath. Also, in theory McCain in AZ could drop dead and open the second seat up, but he seems to be holding on and the window is closing for a 2018 election to his seat.

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This is exactly what I was afraid was going to happen after the Yucatan case. Although I hope you are right about the act of unconstitutionality part, you can't help but admit that stuff like this makes Mexico and its legal system look like a gigantic, bigoted joke.

And between this and the Costa Rican election, I have lost a lot of the hope I had for Latin America after the court verdict. I never had any for the Caribbean anyway.

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And Chilean television calls the election for PINERA. I really hope the Bachelet government's dithering on marriage didn't kill us.

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Sigh. Guillier (the left candidate) is doing extremely poorly in early results in Chile. If Pinera (right wing) ends up winning, what does that mean for marriage equality in Chile?

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Well, it's official - gays will be allowed to marry in Austria from 2019.

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I'd be more nervous if it were like Ireland, with a campaign leading up to an election day. But keep in mind that "ballots" are beginning to be mailed out today in Australia, and most people are likely to mail them back fairly quickly. I suppose a whole lot of people could be lying to pollsters, but it certainly seems like the bigots simply don't have enough time to change people's minds.

At least that's what I'm hoping.

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The Australian High Court has just given the go-ahead for the gay marriage plebiscite. Sigh. Well, at any rate I hope that the good guys in Australia can put this behind them and get ready to roll up their sleeves. This isn't gonna be pretty, unfortunately.