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Yay, Jon Stewart! Making Rush Limbaugh seem bipartisan. I'm not sure which is funnier- Jon's delivery, or the fact that liberals actually get the news from his show.

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Your words sound pretty. 

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Hitler was responsible for the deaths of (conservatively) 13 million people.  Mussolini?  224,000.  I can't remember, but you probably know history better than I do.  What was Hitler's goal?  Mussolini's?  I haven't taken a history class in a while.  But Bush's goals are essentially the same- according to what you're saying.  It seems to me like we should have tried to invade some more closely located countries to extend our borders, but what do I know other than lame sarcasm?

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I completely agree with everything you said. Especially comparing Bush to Hitler. Bush's goal all along was to eradicate a race of people, just like Hitler. For Hitler it was the Jews and retards. For Bush it's the Arabs.

Hitler and the Nazis strived to create a Utopian society with the perfect race, taking evolution into their own hands. Bush, a firm believer in evolution- much like Hitler, secretly wanted to cleanse the earth of "weaker" species.

I can totally see why the terrorists want to attack us. We're invading their land, and we have no right being there. Saddam never did anything wrong but lead a country with a peaceful hand, and could never have posed a threat to the United States. We went over there for dishonest reasons, and Bush should be tried as a war criminal.

Sure, most wars are fought over land and resources, or over religion. Forcing a system of democracy on a country ruled by "tyrants" is equally evil (except that evil doesn't exist), and can never be justified. We are not the world's police. Even with the great power we have, people wrongfully think it comes with an obligation to "help" others.

If we get attacked under Obama's watch it will be Bush's fault for failed policies. They're misguided "we haven't been attacked since 9/11" banner is completely bogus. Al Qaeda didn't try to attack us, nor were any terror attempts thwarted during the Bush administration. We were completely free from terrorists plotting to destroy us. It's not that Bush stopped them, it's simply that the terrorists weren't trying.

In the end, the only difference between the Bush administration and the Nazi party is a short moustache, right?

IMHO, Saddam would have made a good ally, and there would be peace in his country if it were not for our attempted land-grab of an invasion.