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I am referring to the illegal operations across the Channel as mentionned here by Ms Elphicke, MP for Dover

You must have missed Nigel Farage's visits to the area and the resultant publicity

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All the focus on Dominic Cummings turns attention away from the very real issues such as the one under discussion here.

Convenient or what ?

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Under The Refugee Convention, a genuine refugee is expected to claim asylum in the first safe country he or she reaches. This is generally interpreted as migrants who want to pick and choose which country in which to settle, become economic migrants and are then subject to the usual regulations

This issue is gaining traction and could well impact adversely on the government, especially if the economy does not rebound quickly from the lock down.

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They were already in a safe country and had presumably crossed through many more in order to reach France , There is no obligation on the UK to accept them,

France was not deporting them, they left voluntarily.

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Your further explanation would be appreciated

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The article concludes

" “They were returned to the UK in accordance with an existing agreement between PAF (Police Aux Frontiers) and UK Border Force.”

A Home Office spokesman said: “We have a long-standing agreement which allows for the return of illegal migrants who are refused entry by either France or the UK at a Channel port within 24 hours."

Odd that the UK does not appear to take advantage of this little known agreement.

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Clearly they have good reason to minimise the impact of this virus.

Once this pandemic is under control, I strongly suspect the Chinese govt will be called to account. It looks like they are preparing the ground to suggest that the rapid spread of the virus and the resultant impact on lives and the global economy is down to the incompetence of other governments.

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Best wishes to all who are infected for a quick return to health..

I hope that this development brings home to the PM that he should now heed the Home Sec's advice and close our borders to all but returning British citizens who should be placed in quarantine. This should include those who come to our shores uninvited via the English Channel.

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"As the Chancellor said in his statement: “it is now much harder to justify the inconsistent contributions between people of different employment statuses. If we all want to benefit equally from state support, we must all pay in equally in the future.”

Agreed but the government will need to stop decimating the lower/middle ranks of HMRC staff in order to make progress on this. For many years, various governments have failed to make the link between having adequate and experienced revenue departments and correct tax receipts for both big and small sections of business.