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As a general rule, I would agree but given the likely impact on our national debt and levels of taxation, people have a right to be informed of the costs of many Labour policies

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Perhaps many agree with this assessment from 'Lawyers for Britain' that,

"This flawed deal is a tolerable price to pay for our freedom."

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I would like to see Sajid Javid give a speech spelling out the true costs and problems with many of Corbyn's policies.

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Jack Graham

I am not claiming TBP are collapsing. I am reporting what I have been told by people that I know in Staffordshire which resonates with many of the comments in this article.

Why do you claim to know what the rest of the country thinks ?


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Not really.

They just like Boris and consider that he is the best person to achieve Brexit. Perhaps they think that a vote for the Brexit Party is a wasted vote since UKIP failed to get elected in one of the Stoke constituencies.

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The comments from West Bromwich are very similar to those I am hearing from friends and family in the Labour held parts of Staffordshire. Many are saying that they will vote Tory for the 1st time because they believe that Boris is trying to achieve Brexit and Labour are no longer interested in their concerns.

The constituency of Stoke on Trent South has returned a Labour MP since it was created in 1950 but in the 2017 election, it returned a Tory MP, admittedly with a small majority.

Hopefully, this change is becoming widespread and the Party will be able to capitalise on the mood of the voters.

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I wish that I could share your optimism but a report from the Sunday Times suggests there is no room for complacency.

" Boris Johnson faces a double threat to his Downing Street hopes today — a new poll shows Labour has enjoyed a bounce in support since the election campaign began, and remain parties have finalised an electoral pact to thwart him.

A YouGov survey for The Sunday Times found that Labour had gained six points between Wednesday and Friday. Jeremy Corbyn’s party is now on 27%, 12 points behind the Tories, while the Liberal Democrats have slipped three points to just 16%.

The Conservatives have gained three points, in part because support for Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party has nearly halved, from 13% to 7%, since the campaign began.

A second poll, by ORB International, gave the Tories just an eight-point lead, with Labour gaining ground"…

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If the 'remain' parties form an alliance, then it makes sense for the 'leave' parties to come to an accommodation.

This will give the electorate a clear choice.

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There can be no excuse for violent or aggressive behaviour but it does show the level of contempt and hatred some people now have for our MPs.

Yet how many MPs have learned to take the concerns of their constituents seriously? Too many have suggested publicly that they do not have the required intellect to understand complex issues like Brexit.

I don't believe that this situation is all about Brexit.. For years many MPs have 'milked' their positions and enriched themselves while the rest of us have been living through their austerity measures.

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Without Brexit, there is a risk of splitting the Tory vote with the Brexit Party.

Play safe and come to an accommodation with Nigel Farage.

I bet the other opposition parties will be considering this option to consolidate the remain votes.