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I want to ask the government why they are not doing more to investigate the efficiency of the various therapeutic drugs which are claimed to treat covid with a supposed high degree of success.

If such treatments were available, it would be possible to either stop or limit lockdowns and life and the economy could get back to normal.

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As I understand the position, Trump's problem with the election results stem from the fact that he has incontrovertible evidence that there was massive electoral fraud .

But as far as I am aware, this evidence has yet to be independently examined.

He may or may not be correct but it is important to have the facts.

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Yesterday, many newspapers reported that Tory support among Red Wall voters was crumbling and many were unlikely to vote for the Party ever again.

It was also reported that the PM could lose his own seat in W London.

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One down but still one to go.

And if Boris continues to put his faith 100% in the doctors of doom, and contine to damage the economy & people's lives, he could still come a cropper.

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I get the impression with Starmer that he is just very relieved that it is not him in the hot seat having to make all these difficult decisions.

It's much easier to criticise from afar.

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Is there any connection between the fact that as my area of the home counties went into Tier 4 lockdown, military helicopters started flying again over our area ?

So many strange things happening, like being on the set of a disaster movie.

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Yet another flip from this government.

Can't they see how unbelievable and ridiculous they appear - not only to the UK but to the rest of the World ?

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+ 1

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MPs need to be given all the facts in order to make an informed decision.

I don't believe that this is happening at present when scientists who dissent from the government's views are ignored or vilified . .

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Whatever happened to deal is better than a bad deal ?