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only in the sense that if you watch Springwatch it could be proof that the 1970s Animal Liberation Front successfully infiltrated the BBC, ITV, the church, the army, the universities, Westminster etc and now runs the world from the shadows.

Each pound you spend in a pub IS proof that you and your kind want to increase the number of alcoholics in Western Europe right?

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This kind of article demonstrates why statues of slavers are not worth a tin of bins when it comes to “our history”.

I’ve only vaguely heard of Bevin, but the article above informs me and is a stepping stone to learning more. By this time next week we can assume I know more about Bevin than most of the people living in the village where I am typing this.

A 60 year old woman says “They can’t tear down our statues - it’s our history” and I will say: ‘When was the last time you and your grandchildren discussed Bevin?” to be met by first a blank stare and then a few swear words.

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brainwashing is a strong word but we could examine to what extent you were so brainwashed by adults that here in 2020 you’re posting daft comments on CH about an army of evil lefties, with a Union Jack avatar.

Do you have a twitter account that includes flags in your bio?

Do you ever describe yourself as a Christian even though you’ve actually zero fear/belief that a supernatural being will one day return to Earth to dispense right on justice and upend the established order?

How left wing are you and your family, also? You must be somewhat similar to your brainwashed grandchildren.

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I have no problem with the idea that a bright boy should go to the best school in the country, I am just wondering how his 2 less bright brothers will respond and how mum and dad will feel knowing only one of the children is getting the best education.

How to explain to most of brexit Britain that most of our children will be going to the lesser schools? And there will of course inevitably be a class element with middle and upper class families gaming the system. You can guesstimate the stats around that but basically: the best schools will be dominated by children of the better off.

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why would working class brexit voters be in favour of academic selection that keeps their children out of “the best” schools?

I am not being funny. I would like to know how Brexit Britain is remotely ready for rigorous academic selection that will deem 90 percent of our children as not suitable to enter the best educational establishments.

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I have never worked in the Civil Service but I know human beings so here’s my prediction:

In 20 years time not one woman in Wales will go online to say: “the civil service was reformed in the years 2020 to 2030 and by God it’s really brilliant now! Wowza!”

In 20 years time a man in England will go online to claim “the civil service is full of lefties and liberals. It needs root and branch reform. I’d sack the lot of ‘em”

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I get that.

Are red wall voters agreed on who will staff their care homes in 25 years time?

You see, “most people” don’t do the details.

Pubs of England are full of blokes telling you why “we don’t need Europe” in 3 sentences or less. Total lack of detail.

Details are boring.

But Cummings’s highly skilled generation will live and breathe detail and data. Their grandparents disdain for data and detail and academia will be seen as absurd.

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I have been served by British staff and young English waitresses for decades, as have millions of us. There is nothing remarkable about it.

The problem is that a Cummings’s era, post-Brexit graduate will quite obviously need more than a waitress job as she hits her early 20s.

Pubs will have no difficulty finding pretty English 19 year olds to work behind the bar 2 nights a week, for sure. Even the most bookish young academics like to be seen from time to time.

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Global Brexit Britain needs to do something about its elderly population.

As an example, global Brexit Britain needs hard working immigrants to come to the U.K. and start families. This is difficult if retired people in their 70s, 80s and 90s are dead against it.

Much of Britain has rubbish facilities for the young, for obvious reasons.

It is time for the retired to have less say and the balance of power to shift to the under 50s.

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Isn’t Andrew right leaning?

Oh yeah but he’s “unbiased” so everyone in Britain adores him.

God forbid we should hear someone to the left of him though. Brits probably couldn’t cope.