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I had no idea the internet housed individuals with such intense passion for Tetrisphere. I apologize for not sharing your opinion and I hope you can forgive my poor taste in 3D puzzlers. I just find it clunky.

Hey, the soundtrack is pretty memorable. Can we sign a treaty and leave it at this?

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While I feel at least somewhat sated by Nintendo's first-party offerings, the console's library as a whole is just so meager compared to Sony's and Microsoft's. If Nintendo's console is all about "games" and "innovative gameplay" over technological prowess and other entertainment capability, why is it that I, as a gamer, can take or leave almost all of their games, especially those that depend almost primarily on the wii-mote? I don't want Animal Crossing, I've played it already--twice at that. Brawl is fun, but it lacks the replay value of the past titles and has absolutely nothing to do with motion control.

There are so many hole's in Nintendo's prerogative, you can't help but become frustrated.