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It was a stupid, ill thought out article. However, he is right that this problem has been hidden. The point he should have made is not about "culture wars" - there are plenty of better examples to use of that - but that all three incidents involve (or are alleged to have involved) violence against women.

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Rather worrying made up name but that aside - the grooming of white girls by predominantly Asian Muslim men - has really nothing to do with Brexit and to suggest otherwise is just wrong.

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OK but the Guardian have a tape - they have disclosed what is on it - and Boris has not denied it. In other words it has been reported as fact and the person who is front runner to being Prime Minister - whose reputation you would have thought would be damaged by this - has had plenty of opportunities to say it was untrue and has not done so. From a legal point of view what I am saying is heresay, and therefore not admissible as evidence, but the Guardian have the tape and ran the story on that basis of the evidence of the recoding and the police statement that followed the visit to the flat.

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Peter I agree with you - and I am struck that most female commentators - even those who have no sympathy for the Protestors thought it bad (including my 81 year old mother). Silly article all round.

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When you have convictions for violence it is difficult to credibly make the case Robinson is trying to make. The very fact that he has been convicted of contempt of court during a "grooming" trial also rather tells you that the authorities are starting to deal with this.

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I know very little about the incident - I have not heard the recording - but apparently a female in the flat Boris was in was heard saying "Get off me" so I think your post is factually wrong. Point I making is that all three cases concern the abuse of women be they alleged or actual. That should be the focus not anything else.

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Alan the article nonsense. The thing that unites these stories is violence against women actual or alleged. When Mosques get vandalised on a routine basis it is simply impossible to argue that Islamophobia is "completely fictional". Where I agree with you is that the preponderance of young Muslim (but they are not all Muslim) men involved in grooming vulnerable and troubled girls who the state have seemed to ignore needs calling out. Increasingly it is thank goodness.

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Silly, silly, silly article. The reason why newspapers and the media are interested in the Police being called to a domestic incident in Boris flat is not because of a "culture war" but because he is favourite to be our next PM. The reason why Mark Field's antics are a matter of public interest is because they show a government Minister zealously man handling an unarmed protester. I make no judgement on either matter but they are of interest because the people concerned are elected and in one case are looking to hold the most powerful position in the land and in the other is a Minister in the government. The failure to address the Kirklees scandal - and similar horrors have occurred across the UK - is because the victims are generally deprived girls from troubled backgrounds. The lack of coverage is not a culture war, it is the sad truth that the media - and we the people who consume it - are more interested in the "great and the good" than the "poor and dispossessed". Now Dan is a bright man who writes well but misses one big connection between all these stories - violence against women. I put it to him that the "culture war" that is staring him in the face is just how routine and shockingly unremarkable abuse of women is and perhaps there is no better illustration of this than the lack of interest in the Kirklees victims. That bluntly is what Dan should have written about not the drivel he has just produced.

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Not much of a plan. Pitiful media performances from him. God help us!

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Alan ultimately an Executive only governs with the confidence of Parliament. If the Executive are determined to do something that does not have the approval of Parliament and it becomes a matter of confidence Parliament wins. Your second point is a Parliament against the referendum argument. Two points to make about that - firstly, the GE of 2017 was called after the referendum of 2016 in order to get the Parliamentary numbers for May's Brexit of outside the Single Market, outside the Customs Union and outside the jurisdiction of the ECJ. That means that people voted for a Parliament knowing that they had already voted for some - unspecified Brexit. The second point is that she did not win that election hence we have a hung Parliament. So the same people who voted narrowly to leave (with no detailed explanation as to what that was) then subsequently, and again narrowly, did not approve Mrs May's much more detailed Brexit plan. Much has been made of Remaniacs not accepting the referendum - much less (and they are no different) of ERGers not coming to terms with the failure of Mrs May to win her election. One final point I am a Conservative minority but not as insignificant one as people on these pages like to think. I very much regret Brexit but were I an MP I would have voted for Brexit - to trigger Article 50 despite concerns about the lack of planning and for the Withdrawal Agreement. The people who have blown Brexit are the ERG and JRMs and BOJOs explanation of their vote to accept the Withdrawal Agreement is an indication that they know that the WA was as good a Brexit as they were going to get. With so many of them now re-doubling their opposition to any WA it makes Brexit all but impossible. Frankly I think they have blown up the thing they have fought for all these years and all ironically because they refused to accept Parliamentary Sovereignty, that they claimed so important, because the good old British public did not elect the people they wanted them to.