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What depresses me about your posts is that you seem unable to accept that people think they are doing what is right - not just for themselves but their country. By all means disagree with them but why always question their motives? It gets us nowhere and has extinguished pretty much all hope of compromise. I think it will result in a failure to achieve any Brexit and all people will have left is bitterness and betrayal. I voted Remain I think any Brexit a mistake but thought the WA backstop et al a reasonable enough way of leaving. If there is no deal Brexit as a sheep farmer I will be negatively impacted as will many in rural Wales and elsewhere - dare I say it fisherman in Grimsby and car workers in Sunderland. Nevertheless I do not doubt that in his own way Mark Francois genuinely thinks a no deal is a good thing - I think he is very wrong to think it - but I do not for a moment believe he is motivated by spite or contempt for my views. Why can't you at least give people like Oliver Letwin - who has voted three times to leave the EU - the credit that they genuinely, even if mistakenly, believe they are doing what is right.

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Exactly the same argument is made - repeatedly by Corbyn backers. It is very, very rare that a piece about bankers but specifically Goldman Sachs and George Soros is not motivated by an underlying anti Semitism. The anti Semitic abuse "lucky old George" receives is not abuse I would get - thank God. If you have no anti Semitic intent - fine - but for a post like this it would be rare. Also, why on earth is Oli Robbins getting a job at Goldman Sachs frustrating Boris? Enlighten me.

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Soros' name has been bought up in plenty a patently anti Semitic troupe as I am sure you know - why mention him? Go back to your original point - how is leaving the Single Market good for the people of Sunderland (your example not mine) when Nissan is based there? Nissan provides highly paid, very skilled jobs in an area of deprivation. Many in that city and the wider region depend on its existence in terms of the wider automotive supply chain and other dependent jobs. In terms of NED - I have some sympathy with you - but we need banks, we need bankers why demonise them?It is after all what Corbyn does and you offer no alternative? In term of Oli Robbins - lay off him - he was doing his job and is talented. He was a Civil Servant doing what his political masters asked him. He got totally unfairly demonised and now he is exercising his right - a Conservative right - that you are I as small business owners do to earn a living in the private sector.

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Word for word this is from the Corbyn playbook. Including a dig at George Soros - the bogeyman of the anti-Semitic - left. It is nasty, intolerant and empty headed.

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"Not for one minute do I believe any of our recent leaders wanted to do their best for the country". Why can't you just accept that people have genuinely held but different views from you? Why can't you accept that some people who won't in the least be affected by Brexit think it is a bad idea? They might be wrong but why, do you have to doubt people motives? In my experience the majority of politicians on all sides want the best for others. Your summary of the people who voted Remain - who remember at last count were 48% of the population - as self serving and self interested does not bear any analysis. People like me, like many others voted Remain because I thought and think it was the best thing to do not just for me and my family, my business which employs people whose families depend on it, and more generally the country. I am quite sure that similar people to me, who voted to leave, made the same calculations but came out with a different answer. For goodness sake just accept people have different views and are entitled to.

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David I agree with your first point. In a very hung Parliament he shaped a government that did good things. He was in a very good way consensual. He was my kind of pragmatic Conservative who for example really understood devolution in a way that Mrs May for example did not. With regard to the referendums perhaps they were inevitable though I think the Euro one was about splits in the Conservative Party that had been festering - and are now gangrenous wounds - for 30 years. With regard to not resigning after the referendum I think his position was impossible. He seems to be loathed on these pages because he thought/thinks Brexit was a bad idea - what else could he do?

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I appreciate it entirely but I can read the polls - WTO Brexit can only command about 35% of the electorate - it is not enough to win. But still you will not compromise. What your post also entirely ignores was that there were 48% who were happy to be in Europe. The numbers scream compromise but too many of you have lacked the moral courage to reach out.

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Funnily enough despite what I wrote I agree with you. Problem is not enough do and people like Dan - who have always claimed to be moderate - become less moderate as soon as someone suggests something pragmatic and sensible. When people seek compromise he write stuff like this. It is MINO - moderation in name only or CINO - Compromise in name only.

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What compromise indeed? That is why I think increasingly there will be on Brexit and all you will have left is bitterness and a false set of betrayal.

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Fascinating from Dan. Cameron's Conservatism like my own is pragmatic. In my view the strength of the Conservative Party is that it deals with the world as it is - hence the really courageous decision to go into a coalition with the Lib Dems that really transformed the country for the better. What he had not bargained for was the total ideological obsession about Europe and a very narrow definition of sovereignty that has plagued this party for more than 30 years. I have always been intrigued by people like Dan - he has always claimed to be moderate - but has turned down every Brexit compromise as have so many in our party. In the process they have risked Brexit itself and my guess is that post GE it will slowly and bitterly die. I always thought that moderate Brexiters were nothing of the sort - that an unachievable paradise of "total" self government was all that they would be satisfied with. Throughout this process none of them have ever been prepared to deal with the difficult trade offs that Brexit involved and ultimately I think it will kill what they have for so long said they wanted. I regret that because the referendum should have been delivered but is was always going to require compromise and national self awareness. Misunderstanding that so many people who were normally pragmatic, but on this issue blind to any compromise or nuance, was his great mistake.