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To be fair, "creative differences" is a very common - if not most common - reason for why a partnership or contract ends early. It's cited so much because it honestly happens very often. The entertainment industry needs people with fresh ideas and different mindsets. However, because a given studio will want to make sure that their future content will have an audience, there is a lot of conflict between creators and publishers. It's rare that people fall out horribly and part ways, but that's not to say it is easy for anyone involved when a working relationship ceases to be.

All I'm saying is that with so many different minds at work, all working toward different interests, conflict is inevitable. It's tough and it isn't fair on anybody.

It's a shame Mrs. Faust had to walk away. It is her decision though and we can't fault her for making her own decision.

I have to admire her for sticking to her guns. She has a vision and she sticks with it. Yes it means she has to walk away sometimes, but that just means that the projects she sees through are what she wanted the world to see. A very deliberate and commanding artist who respects herself and values the integrity of her work. Some of you may call that a flaw in her line of work, but I believe FiM would not have been a hit in its first season if anybody else spearheaded the reboot. It certainly would not be the same show that took over 4chan and exploded across the internet.

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I'd assume that the textures, models, sounds, etc are all stored in .bsa files. Or bethesda archives. If so, then the .bsa unpacker tools that have existed for over ten years can still open them up.

Textures are the easiest to edit because once out of the archives they are simple .dds files that most photo softwares can open. I'm unsure how they did the animated icons as I haven't looked. But I'd say there either in the same dds file, or are individual files for each frame and labeled as such.

We'll see a lot of texture edits for now until the dev kit is released. If the tool FO3Edit supports Fallout 4 we might see some stat changes and general tweaks. But the big overhauls normally have to wait for the dev kit.

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A deliberate decision of the animators to keep the illusion up until it isn't necessary anymore. Where's my cheque?

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The twist is that Fluttershy didn't do anything in the waking world. Scootaloo has underlying paranoia that a cinnamon roll must actually be a sinnamon roll in disguise.

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When somebody dies because of road rage, it is no longer a road rage incident. It is murder. I hope justice is properly dealt in light of this tragedy.

This gesture was very kind, no doubt, and perhaps knowing how much other people are saddened by this girl's passing shall provide the family with knowledge that they are not alone. I cannot imagine how hard this is for them, the best I can do is offer my condolences.

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Cheers, mate

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I don't even usually play fighting games and I've chipped in. Why? Because of the art, character designs, and music. Pretty much everything else is awesome and I would love to learn to play this genre solely to experience this game.

In less than a handful of days, donors have taken the bar from 66% up to the 80s. Keep that momentum up and we'll smash the goal with some time to spare.

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Very succint. Great accuracy.

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This place just letting anybody spout rubbish and call it an 'editorial' now or something?

Gotta love how you poured so much effort into formatting and organising your heavy handed negative opinion of episodes from different shows that the majority here does not watch, and then just lumped over 11 MLP episodes (about 4 hours of pony) into single entry and condensing it all into broad, dismissive criticism that aligns with 'popular' opinion.

You clearly don't like Polsky, but there's disliking a person's work and then there is this poorly-dressed crucifixion. Not once did you offer a positive opinion or make a reference to an element you liked in one of Polsky's episodes, instead, you focused purely on your opinion, deliberately generalised all his pony episodes into one lump so you didn't have to make an effort to properly support your points, and called this soapbox article 'what is Dave Polsky's writing style?'. I clicked expecting an analysis and informative study on Dave Polsky's strengths, weaknesses, and notable skills in his writing works. Instead I read a sleazy, sneering list of grievances held squarely in the realm of one person's opinion. And somehow this is journalism, this is quality reporting. This isn't an editorial, it's a person whining on the internet.

If this is the sort of thing that EqD considers 'insightful' or 'thought-provoking' or whatever buzzword they think a journalistic web blog should swarm around, then no wonder the reputation of the staff and their integrity has fallen by the wayside.

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Plot twist: Big Mac is mute for the whole episode for comedic effect