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I cant think of anyone that enjoys mixed matches. if WWE is after that Facebook money, they may find more success just streaming superstars or main event

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RTruth main evented Capitol Punishment

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Maybe Asuka

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I wish I could think of edgy, spiteful comments so I could be as cool as you guys.

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That would be pretty good too, I just think that it would make more sense that Corbin would put himself over with his temporary authority. Character-wise his biggest regret has been messing up on his cash in from last year. I just don't think there is any real logical way to tie all the pieces together, though. Especially, considering that as the GM he can just book himself in the match whenever.

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I wish Mike would get a second chance in NXT. He would be better received in Orlando

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Personally, I would have Roman win, but get destroyed by Braun Dolph and Drew at the end of the match. But afterwards, have Corbin cash in Braun's MiTB briefcase. The following night he reveals that he booked the Hell in the Cell match, but didnt use the briefcase. Its pretty convoluted and very TNA esque, but it would be a twist that not many people would see coming.

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KO is going to attack Lashley on Monday

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JPL was surprisingly a pretty good wrestler

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Sign Jazzy Gabbert