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I'm always glad to join in. Thanks for having me on!

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I have fond memories of stampeding over to the Sega Genesis demo station at my hometown Sears when I was a kid. While my parents would shop, I would have five or ten minutes to race to the Funtronics department to try Sonic the Hedgehog in what was my only outlet to explore Sega's fancy flagship game, as my home and my friends' homes were all Nintendo territory. The strange thing is that for years Sonic the Hedgehog was the only game available for demo long after more impressive Genesis titles hit the market. That sleepy Sears (the only store in town with a Sega kiosk, mind you) just never saw fit to change the game. I bet that machine saw more plays of Green Hill Zone than any other Genesis in the area. Not bad for a demo unit!

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I love when life hands you a little gift like this. You were meant to own that machine.

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Thanks for having me guest on the show, guys!

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Sounds like you're heading in a great new direction!

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The 3DS isn't going anywhere now that it's established some solid titles. Where's my Wario Land 3DS already though?

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I'm the exact same way with my video game collection. I keep absolutely everything and have a story behind each game I own. I've only ever traded 3 games because I had no link to them and didn't want the junk in my house (all Wii shovelware sent as freebies).

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Super Metroid got to me when I played it for the first time. Seriously. Here's the whole story:

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I'm sure this kind of thing cuts both ways. Somewhere in Japan are small pockets of fans of Startropics and Startropics II: Zoda's Revenge who still lament that they never had the opportunity to experience the adventures of Mike Jones in their native language. Probably. I mean, it's statistically possible.

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If the primary future of portable games is Angry Birds, then I don't want to be involved. Little iOS games are fun for a few moments of distraction while waiting at a doctor's office, but I still want and demand experiences like Pilotwings Resort, Ocarina of Time 3D, Mario & Luigi, and so on. Touchscreens are terrible for platformers, too. Now get off my lawn.