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You know what's funny? Bill Donohue putting an Obama bobblehead in fake poop is actually a pretty effective artistic statement.

Probably not the one he would have wanted, but it works on several levels.

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You were doing an awesome job until you started spamming my RSS feed with these identical posts every damn day. Stop it.

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You do realize that we can react to a role model for youth shouting an anti-gay slur and do other things at the same time, right?

It's not even that hard.

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You are not very bright.

Thank you for your time and reading :)

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Throw in their misunderstanding of biology (semen was all that was necessary for a baby; the woman's womb was just an incubator), and ejaculating outside a womb (be it with a man or on the ground) becomes the killing of a child. Do that during male/male sex as an act of other-god worship and it becomes child sacrifice to another god.

So this was considered not just breaking one commandment (no murdering), but two (no murdering, no other gods).

In the context of their culture and their limited/erroneous understanding of science, the punishment is perfectly in line with the "crime."

But now we know that sperm alone does not equal a baby, so ejaculating outside the womb is obviously not murder. Killing a baby is still wrong, and (in a Jewish or Christian context) sacrifices to other gods are still wrong, but two men having sex is neither of those things. With new understanding, the "crime" is no longer there.

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If we're going by a strict Fundamentalist reading, Jesus made it very clear that he didn't come to overthrow the Law. IOW, what was considered right (or wrong) according to the mosaic laws is still right (or wrong).

They're playing pick-and-choose on which texts are to be ignored and which are to be adhered to, and that's dirty pool. If their view is that gay sex is considered an abomination, the penalty remains intact.

I hope it's obvious that this is not my view, but theirs. I'm only calling for internal consistency.

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Not at all. I'm also gay, and also a Christian (Methodist, to be specific). This guy is the first HONEST Christian Fundamentalist American I've heard of lately. Do all Christians think gays should be stoned? Of course not. But Fundamentalists necessarily do, whether they say it in public or not. Their [flawed] view of the Bible demands it.

I've said it once and I'll say it again: If people are dead set on quoting [outdated, mistranslated, misappropriated, culturally irrelevant] scripture at me, then they should pick up a rock and GET. FUCKING. STARTED.

I'll even stand still.

Otherwise, they're just committing heresy through their inaction.

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Being bullied when you have a support system (parents, teachers, friends, preachers) is very different than being bullied when you're all alone. In the former you have some sort of sanctuary from the pain; in the latter you suffer in silence because you're afraid (often reasonably so) that the people you trust are untrustworthy.

I don't know why people don't get that, though it's important to note that I've only seen it from straight people, often well-meaning ones. Perhaps this is part of the education we give them.

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As recently as a week or so ago, Lt. Choi has been extremely critical of SLDN's continued advice to soldiers to stay in the closet, and IIRC used to be represented by them.

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We have a nasty habit of expecting our leaders to be two-dimensional and always on-message, and we tear them down when they deviate that script. I'll take three-dimensional over predictable any day.

And let's not kid ourselves. This has less to do with "correcting" Lt. Choi's statement than it does with national lobbying organizations that he's bucked in the recent past finding a way to show him who's in charge.

He said something stupid in (as I read it) a private conversation that will be seen by a relative few and made an apology that will be seen by a couple hundred times more people. Far as I'm concerned, it's done. Frankly, we all have bigger fish to fry right now.