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Excellent piece. Illaiyaraaja is definitely an icon that sometimes goes unnoticed but through and through, he is definitely amazing!

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Unfortunately many wish to only push the blame on the LTTE and never admit that the Sri Lankan government atrocities are the reason why the LTTE was formed and exists today. Rather than figuring out how to fix it the government does nothing but continue its genocide- and yes, it is genocide.

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Sathyam- the words that I have decided to use, such as "supposed terrorism" reflect just that. Terrorism is a word that is too easily flung around. Yes- doubtingly the methods of the LTTE are questionable, but when you put a race against another race, in this case a racially motivated government, you are bound to get rebellion. If the LTTE is a terrorist group, then so is the SL Government- but of course, many people refuse to acknowledge that. Why? Because the LTTE happen to be a separatist organization and the Sri Lankan government is... well, a government.

There is bound to be propaganda from both sides. But how you look at the struggle and the war- now that's what it comes down to. A majority of Tamils in the Northeast and the Tamil diaspora both are willing to allow LTTE to be their representative as opposed to the SL government. At the end of the day, I think that says a lot.

As the saying goes, "one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter."

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Very informative. Keep up the great work.

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Thank you, and well said Blanchart. Unfortunately people like Ben refuse to acknowledge a 'kid' would probably have a sensible opinion, even if not the same as their own.

But Ben, I would like to thank you also for the mere fact that you read this and it obviously made you feel that it was necessary to comment and express your opinion; so thank you! It makes this article a whole lot worthwhile for me.

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Unfortunately for you, as kid I see two sides to this issue as I have been in Sri Lanka to witness both sides, so no- not parroting the 'party' line at all. But just out of curiosity, I haven't seen or heard a non-Sinhalese or Sri Lankan for that matter call Prabhakaran anything but that, let alone Praba.

But regardless of who you are, you're ultimately severed by a bias. The LTTE can be losing, that isn't the point.

"...Sri Lanka can begin to pick up the pieces."

Can it pick up the pieces, especially since it's playing a leading role in breaking the pieces?

The current government oozes nothing but corruption and no matter how hard you try to hid or maneuver the issue away, they are equally apart of the problem.

I write for the people, not for a particular side so sorry, I will not sit here and write about how excellent the present government is and what an excellent job they're doing in wiping out the LTTE. Not when they're killing hundreds upon thousands of Tamil civilians daily and displacing them left, right and center.

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It is indeed obvious that there is a genocide happening against the Tamil people. The lack of freedom of press in Sri Lanka can be blamed for why important information about the displaced Tamils in LTTE regions and the bombings by the Sri Lankan government into these regions; which result in a disgustingly large number of civilian casualties, is going unheard. But regardless of the media censorship and ban, there is very little being written about the corruption of the government and that is what I have intended my article to focus on.

Governments aren't necessary always right, or hold whats best for their civilians as first priority. Here's where we can find a similarity between Israel and Sri Lanka.

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Shehan- while the tactics of the LTTE are undoubtedly questionable, the corruption of the government is undeniable. Especially noting the fact that they are a government, internationally recognized and internationally supported- therefor their actions and methods are unacceptable.

As for media censorship being normal- you're wrong. Censoring media is just proving that they have something to hide, and as reporters and journalist, it's their job to uncover and report it.