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10 years ago @ Equestria Daily - Discussion: The Mane 6... · 1 reply · +7 points

Im surprised nobody has said Peter New or Lee Tockard on any of this already. On that note we need Mark Hammil and Bruce Campbell here somewhere, just saying.

10 years ago @ Equestria Daily - Animation: Children of... · 0 replies · +4 points

Im quite glad I had been able to see it as it came out, thanks for all who worked on this project and thanks for the great freaking job, its awesome!

10 years ago @ Equestria Daily - EQD Q&A - Ask Us Anyth... · 2 replies · +2 points

Are you guys gonna do any more voiced Q&A's in the future?

10 years ago @ Equestria Daily - Worst Pony? · 0 replies · +2 points

Seth is okay, you derped and by such made Trixie been voted worst pony, is alright we all know you wasnt thinking correctly I mean the whole poll idea of worst pony was to see anything beat Luna, with that logic you launched Trixie to try to beat her, is not Trixie's fault there it was your own as you made the poll for the wrong reason, Luna is best pony Im sorry but there is no "but" or "if" about it, youll have to cope with it eventually.

10 years ago @ Equestria Daily - Poll Results: Who is t... · 0 replies · +4 points

Seth, I said it before and Ill say it again, when the community is choosing "WORST" pony there are no winners, only loosers you shot yourself on the hoof from the get go with the "would Luna finally loose a poll" and shot yourself on the other hoof right away by placing Trixie as an available option.

I dont put blame of Trixie but in your execution for this one in particular. Also for the record, there is no worst pony, meanwhile Angle bunny is not a pony so...

10 years ago @ Equestria Daily - Poll Results: Zombie A... · 0 replies · +6 points

umm... I know is kind of gross but what if Zombie Fluttershy doesnt have eyeballs anymore? or half of her face?

10 years ago @ Equestria Daily - Poll Results: Zombie A... · 0 replies · +9 points

Luna wins as best pony always wins, but for winning next best pony cannot win, Luna still best pony regardless, is not like polls are needed to proof that anyway.

also when its a poll about who is WORST pony, there are no winners, only loosers... and very confused ponies feeling acomplished for been catalogued as the worst pony.

10 years ago @ Equestria Daily - Movie Followup: \"Eque... · 0 replies · +2 points

Indeed, however there is lil something about that phrase in particular that proofs important to highlight, for it has the oposite effect when applied in a different order, for when you mix the mundane with the magical, you enhance the former and make accesible the latter.

Huge hits of our times has taking this to note, the prime example is the Harry Potter fanchise, you get the mundane of "a boy in england which must go to a new school and grow up" but you add the factor that "he is a wizard and the school is a magic school" well you see how that can add up, mundane acts like going to the bank or driving to school become an adventure on its own when you get a bank run by dwarfs as other magical creatures are on the background and when your train is on a pocket dimension or you get to ride on a flying car; one cannot count the number of animes which follow this formula as well, heck the magical girl subgenre follows this to a T, Superhero movies and comics to some degree follow this as well (although you change magic with aliens, science and the beyond).

10 years ago @ Equestria Daily - Movie Followup: \"Eque... · 2 replies · +3 points

Thats the thing MLP is building its own lore, it surprising us each time we look at it since they are always adding something that may work with the world on a certain scale, it drives you curious on whats going to happen next, a sense of discovery that unfortunatly the human world does not provide unless you go into uncharted territories or hidden forest or jungles or under the sea or space, which unless a human subrogate Daring Do may appear is a discovery we dont get to experience on that setting.

Also one other thing Equestria makes your imagination fly (and also make you create horrible horse puns) something the human world doesnt let you do, since well, we live in it and by that we know how all may or may not work.

10 years ago @ Equestria Daily - Movie Followup: \"Eque... · 4 replies · +8 points

Im just glad this didnt turned to be a movie like the Phantom Menace, you think you want it only to discover you could had a long fulfilling live without it.

I still dont have a wish to see it though, dont get me wrong Im glad all talent and artistic mastery of DHX is there, the voice actresses are doing what they know best and that the film got positive reviews overall, but its not something I desire to see. I love ponies for ponies for the world of equestria and for the fantasy setting, having those characters with the "real world" or "human world" doesnt add up to me, they may be the same, name, likeness and personality but the setting and dynamics presented doesnt make it desireable to watch at all.