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Way ahead of you, buddy.

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No Jake, you ARE the zombies.

And then Jake was a zombie.

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I better not get any comment about Hitler.

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Someone should put together Slam Jam, Guile's Theme, and Fresh Prince.

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It really didn't, and neither did the comment above me. But unfortunately it looks like Halolz is full of unfair dumbasses this morning.

Why downvote the video? Well because it's unrelated of course! Nevermind that it's pretty funny, and that unrelated stuff is posted here all the time and still upvoted to first place. But to downvote the post defending it? The post making you think "Huh, maybe I shouldn't jump on the bandwagon and bitch at someone just because everyone else is"

If you downvote that post, you are a mindless dumbass. It went against your beliefs, so OBVIOUSLY that warrants the right! No. It doesn't.

Be fair, be courteous. If Shawn posted off topic porn, you'd upvote that shit. If Paulrus puts sexy lesbian mudkips at random into the comments (which he did a few days ago), you'd upvote it. If someone posted ponies, there's about a 50/50 chance you'd upvote it, but my point still stands. Be fair. Be courteous

Plan to kill everyone you meet.

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Is coal really so rare for some people that they gotta wait twelve years for it? What, are they Mr. Cratchett from a Christmas Story? Is Scrooge gonna yell at them for taking a piece of coal last week?

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Why is Ash a Canadian from South Park?

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And for the other half of the day you saw only red and black, right?

*pat pat* I hear you brother...

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Virtual Boy: Had 3D before it was cool, 3DS. Doesn't necessarily make it better though.

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That's nice, honey, but I'm talking about the game, now.