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I'm looking forward to Sherlock Holmes and The Princess and the Frog. I doubt that the latter will be a masterpiece, and the jokes look pretty lame and juvenile, but I'm relieved to see Disney go back to tradional-looking animation..

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This really has been a great series. I'm finally commenting because I love Robert Montgomery, who I hadn't even heard of up until a few years ago. Outside his performances, all I know about him I learned from the quick bios I've read online, so this article was especially welcomed. Montgomery's story seems pretty compelling to me - priviledged rich kid who suddenly found himself working blue-collar jobs after his father committed suicide (at least wiki says suicide, the link given here only says he died) and left his family penniless. Then you add in his Hollywood success, his WWII service, and even his politics, and you have a very talented and interesting man.

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I hate that now whenever I see or read about Anthony Perkins, a small part of my mind always remembers that his widow was killed on 9/11.

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I always try to seperate the actor from the role, but...they're not making it easy. Josh Lucas, for example. He was pretty charming in the cute movie Sweet Home Alabama, but knowing what he's like off-screen is a little distracting. No one's arguing that celebrities don't have the right to speak out, but when they do it so scornfully (and usually unintelligently), it's a real turn-off.

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It's one thing to say the premise of the show doesn't interest you, but I agree with DC Mike in that I'm getting pretty tired of the people who come onto any TV-related thread and issue the general "All TV is crap" comment. There's several in this thread alone. It certainly has a if-you-like-TV-you're-a-moron tone to it, and that's what's irritating. It's not even a comment on the show being discussed.

As for Cougar Town, I actually think it's pretty cute. Modern Family is hilarious and even a lttle heartwarmingly cheesy, and The Middle is also very, very good.

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Haha, that would be an instant classic!

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All of ABC's Wednesday night programming - except The Middle?

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Just wanted to second this! Of course, Mr. Karnick is already the best blogger here for posting TV reviews, but I hope to see even more from him and see some others follow his lead.

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I'm with you. I like, maybe even love, buddy films and male-male friendships and really don't see what's wrong with it just because they gave it a cutesy, eyeroll-worthy name. It's people forming a bond with each other without the romance (except when they play it for laughs) - something I appreciate as a romantic who isn't all that entertained by relationships. This film, yes, takes it to an extreme I don't want to watch, but I don't think it signals some kind of depraved trend (other than "what kind of movie about porn hasn't been done yet?").

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Ugh. I actually watch some reality TV, I'll admit, but so much of it has gotten so sleazy, with the flood of Real Housewives and those shows on E! and VH1. There are tons of articles about the Housewives in the magazines of every waiting room, and it kinda depresses me. This is the kind of entertainment people care about? And yet, after being bombarded with headlines, I finally caved in and checked out Jon and Kate Plus Eight last night. Those poor kids. So adorable and normal, but who knows what the show will do to them.

I did watch Survivor for the first time this past season, and I gotta say, I actually really liked it. I enjoyed the challenges and thought the contestants were pretty likeable. It was really kind of fun to see the friendship between the young, good ol' southern Alabaman cattle rancher and the geeky, awkward, Jewish man from NYC, especially in the end when J.T. chose to take Stephen to the finale over the easier competition. I don't care how easily manipulated I am, sometimes I just like going along for the ride.