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Andrew will be missed. I have had a sick feeling all day over his passing. Saw him in person speak twice and enjoyed his intensity and his honesty. He also has an incredible sense of humor. RIP Breitbart! You were unique in life.

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I will be there also, and I echo your words.

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These polls are going to be off for awhile. Since the Teachers union is now sending messages of Thanks to Charlie for vetoing that bill to reorganize how the teachers would be compensated. He thinks that when push comes to shove that they
will vote for him. I personally think they will vote for Meek in the end. Should be interesting how this plays out. Ultimately I want the outcome to be that he loses his a@#! What a creep.

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Time to cut off the snakes head

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It is more about getting a voting block. They will get 6 congress persons and 2 Senators. Guess what party they will be? Progressive Democrates. Then they will make DC a voting block even though it is against the Constitution (Doesn't Matter to these people) That will be 1 representative at least. Guess what Party that will be? Then all they
have to do is make ex-felons capable of voting which they are working on now. Guess what? That brings us about
15-20 Million Voters. Oh wait, grant Amnesty! Now we have the answer. Then who stays in power for generations to come? Case closed. Game over.

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Wow! That's it exactly Suzie. You have nailed it and I thank you. I haven't been writing much here because I haven't felt comfortable as of late here. Doesn't mean that I don't check in because to tell you the truth, I miss some of the folks on here when I am away for a few days. I have found that the positive, "Let's go get r done" attitude has been missing, so I have joined a local 9.12 group in my town and have gotten my hands into the political arena here in Florida. I have nervous energy that needs to be doing something constructive instead of getting stuck in neutral. No offense to anyone because this site gives so
much back as well. You are always positive and this post proves it. I will try to do all the things you have suggested, because they make sense... and we are all Patriots here. We might have different approaches but we all came here for a reason.
Bless you Suzie.

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Great Video Charlie-Thanks. I have sent to all my friends!

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Bump!! Go Brown!! You too had.

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I am so excited about this race! To have a Republican take "Teddy Kennedy's Seat" gives me hope. This guy is giving the libs the
fits. Gotta love it. Hope he can do it.

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Stay focused Mom. There is an article on that calls it the eeyorism of the left. Check it out. The left is going to
throw everything they can at the voters of Mass. to make them believe it is useless to vote for Brown. TELL ALL TO STAY
ON TASK. Get him elected in a big way first. Worry about the scandals later. They will be jumping ship like rats if he wins.
This in my opinion(which means not a squat in the big pic) is the greatest election thus far. For a grassroots conservative to get Teddy's seat is UNBELIEVABLE! For it to happen during OBama's and Teddy's Health Care Bill, is almost like the perfect storm. I sent a small donation because I believe in this race. I wish I lived in Mass. just to see the excitement. Good Luck Mass! :)