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It is not necessary now, especially with the type of people who talk about "white tribalism" and a "white ummah" (from a post on the Brussels Journal). That kind of thinking is absolutely and viscerally repugnant, even the barest suggestion of agreement with it is equally unacceptable, and this will be my last post on this site.

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Flatly said, there is a great deal about this Pro Koln conference that is very, very worrisome.

Just as there can be stealth Jihad, there can be stealth white supremacism and stealth theocracy in other traditions. Not everyone is as hamfisted as Stormfront or the Lambs of Christ or the Aryan Nation. And simply attesting that one is "pro-Israel" is not a sufficient rebuttal. My interest in equality, dignity, freedom of conscience, and the absence of persecution does not extend only to Israelis.

From my point of view, something stinks about Vlaams Belang and Pro Koln, just as something stinks with the BNP.

Knee-jerk guilt by association is wrong. But the old saw says that if you lie down with dogs -- for whatever reason -- there's a good chance you'll get up with fleas.

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Nah. I bet it's simply the tantalizing idea of the forbidden meat under the opaque wrapping. As there is little or no art, music, literature, or science to engage the pious Muslim male's imagination in Afghanistan, it's gotta find something to do when goats get dull.

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Islamic "nikah" and the modern Western concept of marriage are not equivalent. Nikah is simply a male's purchase of a simple contractual right: unrestricted, exclusive sexual access to a woman's (or prepubescent girl's) genitals. Mutuality, respect, and love as a basis of marriage are Western concepts, and have absolutely nothing to do with Muslim "marriage."

To this particular imam, the Shia law -- sex on demand or starvation -- is simply nikah as it was intended by his prophet.

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As Nonie Darwish explains in detail in her new book, the Islamic institution of "nikah" bears very little resemblance to what Westerners think of as "marriage." "Nikah" is simply the contracted purchase of the exclusive use of a woman's genitals, in return for a small fee (the "mahr," which can be, and often is, returned to the male -- Mohammed set that up in the Koran) and the unenforceable promise of minimal food, clothing, and shelter. Once the woman's genitals are purchased under a nikah contract, she loses virtually all right to the determination of their use.

A Muslimah is, almost literally, a suitcase for her genitals. Her mind and will are inconveniences that are controlled by Shariah.

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Al-Aqsa is an ongoing atrocity, yet nothing can be done about it now. The time to lance that boil has passed.

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It's cultural, remember? Ask any safely-embedded, privileged Western muslimah.

Never mind that the cultures that enjoy and support these murders have absolutely nothing in common but the blood-hungry demands of Islam.

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"Competition for resources"? What resources? Talk about insulting trivialization -- as if these people are packs of coyotes fighting over rabbits or a waterhole.

But it's par for the course. In kids' textbooks, Islam "spread" or "was introduced" into Europe and India. One supposes all the dead bodies along the way were the result of "competition for resources" as well -- "resources," though, being stuff to steal and women and children to rape and enslave.

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There are women, their heads as tightly bagged as their minds, who spout this cringing, scuttling slave-speak within our own borders -- and then gloss it with Western concepts like "the male gaze" and "individual choice" and "resisting objectification." Take a look at pretty much any muslimah U.S. blog if you'd like confirmation.

As if a female who quite literally makes herself into a fungible object, utterly indistinguishable from other Islamic females, has a tent to stand on about "objectification." But it's freedom, you see. Really, it is. It's all about the personal peace.

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The primary function of distinctive muslimah headgear is to distinguish them from infidel women, "so they [the muslimahs] will be recognized and not molested." (Koran 33, 59). While a muslim male is trained not to attack another muslim male's property, infidel females are free game, as pointed out. It's no surprise that the hijab is sometimes called the "rape somebody else" scarf.