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@ Glyn Barry @LeftistTory
Your suffering from blinkered vision. You don't continue to feed the problems, the solution is to address the sources of the problems.

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Another deluded Remainer without the vision to see that the many causes of the huge problem we have with a hugely unbalanced society, huge levels of crime, and stresses put in public services are all solved in isolation, without addressing the causes first... that's what Leave Means Leave is about.

Never in my lifetime gave I witnessed the sights I see on the streets of our towns or cities more than today, and we're the fifth richest economy in the world. Governments of both colours have failed over the last 30 years have ti address the problems only fudging, flinging money around, and burying their heads in the sand, whilst they conceded at every turn and let the problems grow. That's because they're both the same... social democratic elites, pandering to vested interests.

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Changing the Constitution, decentralising and returning power back to the Constituency Associations is most important. In 1980's membership 1.2M at the height of Margret Thatcher's Premiership; after the Tory Party wets... likes of Hesiltine, Howe, Major got a grip the membership started falling. Then Hague's reforms in wake of Hamilton's £10K brown envelope bung (which pails into insignificance with 2010 expenses scandal) and the Party machine has been raped, reduce to a small centralised rump. When Cameron was elected Leader membership stood at 500,000 (2006) today it's hovering at 100,000... and still that doesn't click with The Elite who know best. The Tory Party's been declining since its hay day period of 1980's... a direct result of those Tory Wets... Tarzan the Mace Swinging Member for Henley.

It's Terminal decline without root and branch reform!

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And why do you think the constituency associations are in a perilous condition? They have no say, their MP's and party representatives are ring fenced, constrained and isolated... they don't represent the core Tory supporter anymore. In 1980's the Tory Party had a membership of +1.2M today its down to 100,000 and if Brexit is screwed that will fall to the levels of UKIP!

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It's very clearly that the path of the Tory Party since 1998, its constitution, its centrist controlled hierarchical structure and isolation from democracy mirrors that of the EU Commission, Parliament and Bureaucracy... in short it's been EUROPHILED.

The London Centric nature of the organisation has completed its total disconnect with its core Tory supporters across the UK... its doomed!

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The Tory Party of today is unrecognisable the Parliamentry Party doesn't represent either their constituents, it's membership or many of its core supporters. It's a mirror copy of Blairite New Labour, which was a disaster; it's a copy of the European social democrat politics and it's a copy of Macron in France.

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Won under Heath! That wouldn't have been difficult following Wilson and Brown! Ted Grocer boy Heath surprised himself an won... was hardly suprusing with the humiliation of the IMF bailing UK out and the indignation of £25/person foreign travel allowance!

Disaster followed by even bigger disaster, what a mess sailor boy made go it...rampant inflation, 3 day week, snap election... back me or sack me!

Maggie did inherited the poison chalice of Europe handed down by Heath. She did see the benefits of a Single Market, as we in UK had successfully operated one for years... but that was on the basis of an Economic Community! But when faced with the next phase of the
project she was very clear where she stood... watch her Brugge Speech.
She had the vision of a Commonwealth of Nation States not today's centralised system of technocratic management, an attempt to group together a disparate wide range of languages,
cultures, history etc into a Union of non-States. It's all been tried before in Europe... Roman Empire, Ottoman Empire, USSR all ending in abject disaster.

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The true Tories are the Party which won three elections in succession under the greatest leader and Prime Minister since the war. It was only the sulking Heathites and power hungry Europhiles like 'The Mace Swinging' Tarzan, that Toss Pot Howe and oh I'm to ill Major with tooth ace (hiding behinde the sofa - sounds familiar) who set the scene for a Tory Party to be crushed under the used car salesman Blair. In opposition and out off office for 13 years, unable to form a majority Tory government for 18 years!

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Excellent analysis of the situation and predicament of the Tory Party. A loss of trust will finish the Tory Party, witness the LibDems (previously Liberals) decline, even they're blip in 2010 was punished in 2015 by renegading on University Fees... the electorate can be ruthless when undermined... that's democracy in action!

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What a stupid nieve statement. The ERG have the most solid base amongst Tory MPs, they're not in the pay of governmental jobs, and not part of the 'flip flop' liberal Tories. Then there's the hardcore Europhile's who when organised at best muster a handful of names!