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They still own all of Sting's wrestling library, except for his time in TNA.

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I think I agree. Ziggler is amazing, don't get me wrong, but Brock's way of selling is different. Very visceral and "real". Ziggler is more flashy, and he bounces and flips more, which is great in it's own right, but Brock manages to look like he's actually hurt, without overdoing it.

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They're gonna pull a fake Diesel again, and draw tattoos and a beard on KENTA so they can pretend he's CM Punk.

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I could see this as a tag match with Punk and Cena being involved.

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What is Silverback doing in the Impact Zone?

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Death threats?!? I love football, but come on, it's a damn game.

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I'm happy for him. I hope his fans get to see him in a ring once in a while, but a wrestler who takes care of his family and finds a great other job when he's still young is nothing to complain about. He won't become another Virgil.

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What? No! She had the makings of a great Diva! I saw some Trish and Beth in her.

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Well, DIamond Dallas Page IS a shameless self promoter who buys into his own hype. IT doesn't make him a bad guy. In fact, he's a pretty damn good guy who helps people, and has been very successful in his life. So what if he comes across as a daytime TV salesman? He still a cool guy.