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Political leaders from Blair to Bush, thinktanks, the Foreign Office - there's been too much groupthink on China. The idea that they would embrace liberal democracy if granted access to the WTO always seemed to me to be somewhat naive.

Technology transfers obtained through businesses eager to do business there plus that which China has obtained surreptitiously have simply added to the problem.

I don't have a lot of faith in Walshe, Tugendhat and chums to fix a problem that they are responsible for creating.

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"Employer contribution to teacher pension provision increases from 16.48 per cent to 23.68 per cent, this increase of 7.2 per cent being carried by school budgets."

Does no one else think that employer contributions of almost 24% are somewhat out of kilter with the private sector?

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It's just another example of politicians telling outright lies to get elected.

Would anyone believe that Andrew Adonis has changed his mind on Brexit? No - of course not. It is simply to hoodwink the politically naive.

If anyone is wondering why politicians are held in such contempt it's actions such as these. Same for Grieve, Soubry, Allen and the rest of them.

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Looking down that list, shows the complete dearth of talent in the Conservative party.

We have Cameroon clones but with less personality like Javid, Hunt and Hancock.

Ex-army centrists verging on social democrats like Tugendhat and Stewart.

The lazy and thick like JR-M / Davis.

Outright snakes like Gove.

The deeply flawed Johnson.

The charisma-free technocrats like Hammond and Lidington...

Is this really the best on offer? We deserve to lose the next GE.

If I had to select from that list, I'd probably like to see a run-off between Raab and Truss.

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She's a complete disaster.

If it's a disease, is it passed by virus, bacteria? Is it some sort of genetic abnormality? No? Well it's not a disease.

I'm actually in favour of relatively liberal policies on law and order, but do believe that violent criminals should be locked up.

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I didn't like the speech and thought it was incredibly bland.

But I've heard speeches from May in the past anyway and she never delivers on any of it.

The sooner she and the other technocrats are gone, the better.

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I think above inflationary increases in pay for teachers need to be paid for with either longer hours or reforms to the pension scheme.

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While the historical account is correct, I think GE 2017 proved that pointing to political events before people's birth has little payback; despite all the IRA/Hamas stuff thrown at Corbyn, I'm not sure it had that much effect.

Elections are won in the here and now and in parties' plans for the future. If the Conservatives are struggling, it is because they are weak on both.

The Tories' election strategy cannot be to based on pointing back to Labour administrations of the 50s and 70s. If that's all they have, they'll be out.

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Whether this is true or not, I still believe that failure to agree with the EU an exit will result in a mark in the 'incompetent' column for the Conservatives.

Even if the public buys the story that it is owing to the EU's intransigence, they will rightly point to the lack of No Deal planning undertaken by this Government since 2016, along with the incredibly long time taken to formulate the Chequers Plan in the first place.

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*Should Theresa May resign? If so, when?*

Yes - as soon as possible.

*Who should be the next Conservative leader?*

Someone with ideas, a free-marketeer. Someone willing to cull over 75% of the current Cabinet, who with a handful of exceptions, are ideology-free, technocrats.

*What do you expect the outcome of the next election to be?*

Depends. Quite a lot could happen, but:
With May+Chequers = Corbyn landslide.
May gone, Chequers is the deal = Corbyn majority.
May gone replaced by someone with ideas and charisma, Canada is basis of EU deal = Hung Parliament.
May gone replaced by someone with ideas and charisma, Canada basis of EU deal + address housing = Tiny Conservative Majority.
May gone, No Deal i.e. negotiation failure = Corbyn majority.

*How well or badly are members of the Cabinet performing?*

They are almost all doing poorly. Policies thin on the ground. Those that there are could have been conceived by Gordon Brown. 75% of the Cabinet need to be swept out of office.