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Talk about a non-event, LOI is a dying on its feet. Poor attendances and rubbish facilities does not do justice to the guys playing in the league. The dream for all these guys is to get a move cross channel, none of them care about winning anything in the LOI.

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Bullied or not it was the right decision to open PUC.

The real worrying element of this story is the lack of facilities provided by the soccer community. It really does amuse me when people go on about the GAA being in the dark ages and being corrupt - soccer is years behind the other sporting organisations and are probably the most corrupt of them all.

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Sorry second worst league in Europe

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Massive step backwards - feel sorry for the guy he had to come home to play in probably one of the worst leagues in Europe.

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Shows you the level of the LOI - League 1 in England

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You make yourself sound so silly my friend

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"Ireland were dumped out of the World Cup by Argentina four years ago" - was it not three years ago?

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Have to agree with you Foosterer. It is not nice reading for anyone - the attendance of the LOI. Something needs to change for Irish soccer to prosper on this island. 342 is laughable more at underage gaa games

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Is it not high time that the LOI is looked at and a new ideas brought to the table. For example like basing the clubs around regions instead of towns and cities? Somethings has to change for there to be a professional sustainable league on this island.

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Attention - are you serious. Someone doesn't agree with your point of view and they are looking for attention? I would love to see a strong league in this country but it is not there. In the current format it is failing. If you asked most sports fan who is playing tonight in the premier division they wouldn't know.

The mis-management of the LOI is firstly down to the LOI clubs and then secondly down to the FAI. A reform of the league is needed. It is currently a non-event.