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The psycho babble here is incredible. It seems that Matt and Tom know my fine Commissioners intimately. Blind political ambition WAS the reason for the Boscov decision. I was the only one who went to the informational meeting with Al Boscov himself, with an open mind. His reorganizational plan was complete. But our Commissioners already had their minds made up with a bailout rhetoric mindset.

When I ran I stated I would hold ALL elected officials accountable. I told the Daily Item Reporter I have strong views against Carney's decisions. But all the Daily Item was willing to talk about was the constant whining from these two clowns that someone would dare challenge or question a decision that they would make. The fact of the matter is neither one of these individuals had any experience to run for the position of Commissioner. Fine Mr. Derk was a recent college grad who never left the college and became an employee upon graduation for a year. Our other fine Commissioner Mr. Kantz was a salesman, that was it and good at it. The people that they ran against ran no campaign but still these two, who claimed they would never run a negative campaign, smeared them at every chance. They hitched their political wagon to our county's old Rhino and they just knew that would take them to stardom.

I am for all elected officials being held accountable, which is why I was for the roll call vote to be made public at the last State Committee meeting.

If find it cowardly that people who blog on do not list their name or profile. My name is always listed and you can easily tell my my wife's profile who she is.

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The article written by the Daily Item is an overview of a very long conversation. I have challenged our two majority commissioners because they operate out of blind political ambition rather than what is in the interests of the tax payer. Both of these gentleman have taken money from Barbara Hafer and her associated groups and still wrap themselves in the banner of conservatives. They have been and continue to be political neophytes and their complaints and accusations of my holding them accountable are nothing but petty and small. Anything and everything that I have blogged or written on have been truthful and accurate. I never use a surname and everybody knows exactly who I am. Mark J. Harris.

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There you go Bob that's the real debate, it's who will be most qualified with a detailed pro-growth less government agenda and how to have it enacted. But i have no doubt the sycophants from all the camps will reduce the discussion to meaningless dribble and we'll be right back where we started.

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I think you all have this wrong. This has more to do with Scarnati's style of smash mouth politics and should have nothing to do with a judge campaign. To have our judicial candidates slam each other in a primary only leads to having them serve as fodder for the democrats. Mr. Scarnati somehow assumes he is the leader of our party because of a few other Republican Senators chose him for President Pro Tempore. This clown should craw back under the rock he came out from. He has done far more harm to Judge Melvin's campaign than any of the other candidates would have dreamed. I initially thought this letter was sent out by a rival campaign. Surely no one who truly wanted to see Joan Orie Melvin elected would have been this stupid. Mr. Scarnati should spend the rest of his time slumming on the streets of St. Mary's.