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Why does it sound like the author is harkening back to a golden age where workers can be shipped in en masse to gratefully work on zero hours contracts. Where the absolute minimum can be spent on public services so corporation taxes can be cut to near zero so the likes of Amazon can pay even less tax.

Start a political party and stand for election on that ticket buddy .. let us know how it goes ...

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Why do you feel the need to spell immigration as immigrat1on? This isn't the Daily Mail comments board. Or is Muslim spelt mu5l1m as well?

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This is a comedy article right?

In the last ten years council funding has been cut off at the knees by central govt as more and more services are "devolved" to local government with no extra funding. Most councils spend 50% of their funding on adult social care

Housing targets are set for the top and might provide money for a road but dont care about the other stuff needed.

This government has done irreparable damage to the credibility of local government. Have to wonder how the author can sleep at night writing dross like this

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This is why business lobbies all over are bouncing up and down for HS2 ... they are not paying for it. Tell them that you expect business to pick up the overspend though and watch them do a 180 ...

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What the author of this piece full well knows is rather than hurting the poorest who normally use public transport those who will be hit are drivers of diesel SUVs who wouldn't be seen dead on public transport but who inevitably vote Tory.

A Congestuom Charge with the money put back into public transport will reduce pollution and save lives. But because the lives saved probably wouldnt vote Tory they probably dont count as far as the OP is concerned ..

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I see you are the person in charge of really insightful comments that move the debate forward … :-)

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Maybe our hypothetical voter has voted Conservative all his life but is now re-evaluating his vote. __He is concerned that his Conservative council has cut youth services and special school provision to the core. He is angry that half of his council tax still props up Adult Care and the last time the Tories came up with an idea to solve it it involved taking peoples houses away. __Maybe when he phones his GP he still needs to wait for three weeks for an appointment despite Tory promises to fix the situation. Maybe he has had three thousand houses plonked in his backyard causing more traffic and more strain on services and no investment in public transport. __Maybe he is very concerned about climate change and the future for his children, nieces and nephews and he sees the Tory party planning more and more roads, messing up nuclear power provision, wildlife declining rapidly and a proposed environment watchdog that wont have any teeth until 2037. __Maybe the voter needs to commute to London regularly on an overcrowded train that is expensive and often late and he hears there is plenty of money to be spaffed on HS2, HS3, Crossrail and an Ox-Cambs expressway but not to improve his service. __That voter is me … and I will not be voting Conservative at this election.

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Back in the eighties when I were but a lad I visited a relative in hospital who was dying of lung cancer - brought on through smoking. The ward he was in was packed full of old men coughing their guts up as they died slowly from smoking related lung disease ...

At the same time lobbyists from the tobacco industry, and the pro-smokers group FOREST would go on the radio and TV and repeat until they were blue in the face that there was no proven link between lung disease and smoking.

Thats what you and your fellow climate change deniers sound like now - repeating your mantra that there is no such thing as climate change while the evidence mounts up around you ...

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The bloke from the AA would say that - his job depends on cars breaking down.

At some point every car reaches a tipping point where it is not worth repairing.When electric cars and the infrastructure needed to sustain them are widespread you are going to start seeing ever increasing taxes on petrol and diesel and ever increasing prices as the need for oil reduces and it gets more and more expensive to get out of the ground. That will be the tipping point for electric and hybrid cars.

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The questions on any second refrrendum would be rigged. Either the Labour Partys BRINO v Remain or the Lib Dems preferred option No Deal v Remain. Either one is a slam dunk Remain win