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Came across this because I was remembering Spock's "not suitable by temperament or training" line in another context. I may have to rewatch the episode. There's a lot of cringeworthy stuff on original version Star Trek, but somehow I don't remember the Janet Lester thing being "about" gender as much as it was about a question woman, but you bring up good points. Still we never see a female captain on the original version and only a female Number 1 in one episode.The bias was built-in, however "progressive" the writers meant to be and it also came about at a time when roles -- especially in the workplace were being challenged.

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You may laugh now wonketeers, but Orly will be vindicated! I'll bet real money that Obama is going to step down by the end of next year!

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What a bitch. Also the fact that she named her dog after both the Vice President's wife AND the wife of another political rival really has to make her the queen of fourth rate unoriginal lame-snark -- which is to Wonkette-quality snark what carp eggs are to caviar.

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I'd like to see her and Christine O'Donnell team up in a sitcom. It would be sort of a right-wing "Broad City" about the antics of a couple of chics trying to break into the politics.

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Not with you on this one. The parents haven't gone insane. They are right to feel outrage. It's not that the passage "could be" improved, it has to be improved. It misses the point. It's irrelevant. The issue isn't whether or not every master was Simon Legree, the issue was owning other human beings. The slave narratives (which kids should be reading in addition to text books) makes it clear time and time again that when times were hard "kind and fair" masters sold slaves, that a slaveowners promise to free slaves upon his death were often not honored, that owners could be capricious.

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Damn that is one cute shrimp. Guess I'll have to become a vegan now. Thanks a lot, Wonkette!

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Ok. Paul Rudd is awesome, but per the The Gray Lady-Paper of Record, Robert Deniro helps nice ladies get taxis:

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Maybe he thought it would mean more patrons. It doesn't. Anna Netrebko sells out the house at the Met. As for Klinghoffer -- people are staying away. My guess is, like it or not, it is the traditional operas that fill that house (with mostly gray heads). Gelb may have thought this would be edgy and make opera relevant. He miscalculated the blowback. Obviously, he doesn't take the subways and hasn't seen the anti-Muslim ads that Pam Geller and crew are running in the name of "free speech" -- the type of thing that would be ILLEGAL in Israel. Me, I'm an opera fan, and not outside protesting, but not planning to go. I'm with the Klinghoffer daughters on this: "the juxtaposition of the plight of the Palestinian people with the coldblooded murder of an innocent disabled American Jew is both historically naive and appalling." I see a picture of Klinghoffer, and I see my own father (of blessed memory). Sit through the opera where he gets murdered? No thank you. I think in this, I am not alone.

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I believe the stitching on that baseball should be BLUE not red.

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Whatever you do, don't let him near the Twinkies.