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Most of those units were sold when stores lowered the prices of the Vita TV and the bundle. No one was going to buy that system with no accessories for $100 and the $139 bundle was far more reasonable by the time they lowered the price to $100. Combine this with the limited game compatibility and silent launch, and it really shows that Sony had no confidence about this system at all and brought it over here solely due to Western media attention.

I'd only get a Vita only if was going for clearance and even then, only a few games interest me on the handheld (Sony's first-year lineup and Dangan Ronpa mostly). The memory card prices alone are what's making me balk from even getting the system at the moment.

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Not going to comment much on this one, but for all of the people who allowed Evolve and The Order to be widely frontloaded (either due to hype or from bile fascination), this is my thoughts on them:

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Heard about this service three years ago, and it's a shame that Sony went into this with absolutely no confidence at all. They never bothered that much with quality control, few third-parties took it seriously and it all felt like a way to shut their mobile investors up. Not even making the dev kits for PSM free, and providing free games from it could give much incentive to support the service considering how Sony badly mishandled it.

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Something completely out of random, but Francis, have you ever attempted God Hard difficulty in Vanquish? If you managed to conquer Challenge Mode and collected all of the achievements, then God Hard should be the next logical step. Few people have managed to even beat this mode, and if you managed to, then you'll be a legend among legends.

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Sigh, get pokemon2069 outta here. He's doing nothing but shitposting here.

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Shit, just because this guy who probably has a really nasty attitude on the Internet shouldn't mean that I can't enjoy it. I already played the demo and really enjoyed it, and I didn't give a shit that this so-called Anti-Gamergater was in this. He's not even in the same league as the real loonies who happen to oppose GamerGate like McIntosh.

Did Adam Baldwin's opinions prevent me from enjoying Half-Life 2 or Mass Effect 2, which he had some roles in? No. Did Doug TenNapel's attitudes towards certain minorities prevent me from playing The Neverhood, Earthworm Jim or his upcoming game, Armikrog? No. Do the attitudes and opinions and behaviours of people like Gene Simmons, Joss Whedon, Vic Mignogna and certain Republicans prevent me from enjoying the music, films, and media they created that I'm interested in? FUCK no.

Even if some people are known to be assholes on social media sites and other places, we shouldn't let our prejudices get in the way of our enjoyment of what we watch, listen to, or play. Again like I said with the Tomodachi Life non-controversy last year, vote with your wallet, and it turned out people did with that game.

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I'm actually shocked that most of Tri-ace's standalone work after 2010 never made it outside of Japan.

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We all should've seen this one coming when Resonance of Fate (horrifically underrated game) flopped hard and they were reduced to grunt work on the FFXIII trilogy. Hell, Sega and Konami treated their handheld titles like shit and they were kicked to the curb (since they never even came out of Japan). They deserved a better fate than this. R.I.P.

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The company you once knew as Tri-ace is dead. They've been bought out by a mobile company and will probably barely resemble the old company.

9 years ago @ PLAYERESSENCE - Contact Us · 0 replies · +2 points This link also confirms that the Wii version will come out as well.