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I'm kind of bowled over by this chapter. It's hard to know what to say.

Jumping back and forth between Nassun and Essun's viewpoints helped ratchet up the tension.

The journey to Corepoint was excruciating. I actually thought the group was being attacked by Earth, but it turned out to be stone eaters. And I'm not exactly surprised they lost somebody. Bye, Lerna.

I admit, Tonkee's not my favorite character, but I love the way she's obviously amazed by Corepoint yet also immediately trying to figure out things about it.

So now that Schaffa's dying, Nassun's given up on her plan of destroying the world and plans to change him into a stone eater, right? And in the process of doing that, she'll change everybody in the world into stone eaters, right? I think I prefer Essun's plan. :) I hope they don't fight each other.

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I've got a lot of respect for the group of tuners. Once they're eyes were opened to the ongoing atrocities of Syl Anagist it took maybe a day for them to decide to take action. (I imagine it helped that they actually had the power to destroy civilization.)

And Jemisin does a great job of showing the chaos that ensues once Earth gets in on the action.

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Yeah. Syl Anagist deserves to die.

Just the thought that those people are right there, out in the open. Anybody who passed by could see them; and I guess ignore them. It's just sickening. And how long have the Niess been there? Hoa didn't say how long ago the conquest was. Hundreds of years? Thousands? Ugh.

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I really love all the little things Hoa did to help out on the trip, but most of all that he went back and stayed with Ontrag so she wouldn't die alone.

Danel was a Lorist! And now she recognizes history in the making and wants to record it. I wonder how she heard about it, though. When Hoa suggested that Essun could catch the Moon and return it to orbit, there weren't other people around were there? Maybe Essun discussed it with other orogenes? I can't remember. Anyways, I'm looking forward to that adventure.

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Your rant about railings makes me think of the Star Wars movies, in which so many structures exist that have narrow walkways crossing over deep, deep abysses. As somebody once wrote: Who approves these things? Is there no Space OSHA? :D

P.S. I love being able to grip onto railings.

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Just so you know, Mark, moonstone is the name of a gemstone. So Hoa was probably referring to an obelisk. Like the amethyst obelisk, the onyx obelisk, etc.

I can't wait to read about the Tuners' excursion, even though I halfway expect something terrible to happen.

'They’re afraid because we exist, she says.' And that just feels all too real. :(

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I wonder if the Conductors eventually became the Guardians. It seems like they fill an equivalent role for the tuners: guarding them, but also watching them for any signs of stepping out of line.

I do love that the tuners have their own way of communicating, that the humans know nothing about.

Kelenli is here to Bring The Revolution! I am all for it, even though it ends up causing the Seasons.

I am madly curious about the society of Syl Anagist. I suspect we'll get to learn more about it in future chapters.

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Isn't Nassun supposed to be like 11 or 12 at this point? Jesus, this poor kid!

Regarding what Nassun plans to do...didn't Steel suggest she catch the Moon and strike the Earth with it? That would be a fairly 'quick and merciful' way to wipe out humans. I have no idea how it would affect stone eaters, but somehow I don't have the impression that Steel wants to die.

And, as I expected, it seems Nassun and Essun are going to be pitted against each other. I really hope they end up working together to save the world.

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I have to say, having Hoa reveal to us in the Interlude that he's an ancient and dangerous creature (who casually mentions destroying 3 other stone eaters) and then having the new stone eater show up holding Hoa's severed arm is a pretty effective way of showing how powerful the new stone eater is. I'm just wondering why stone eaters bleed. I thought they were entirely stone, so why would they need blood running through their bodies.

Rennanis has an army AND a badass stone eater on their side. Things do not look good for Castrima. (Hey, Jemisin, can Castrima please survive? Essun has had multiple homes destroyed, so it would be nice if this one could hang around.)

I'm thinking of those people Essun saw while she was on the road that had pieces of fancy clothing as a mark. And how she saw them talking to individuals on the road and gathering them in groups. I'll bet those were recruiters for Rennanis.

I really should have put this at the beginning, but...this society can reattach severed limbs? I am impressed.

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So, this chapter took a turn I was not expecting.

I mean, we got Essun training kids (Sadly, as with Nassun, she's using harsh methods for training. Poor kids.), and discussions with Alabaster about deadcivs and Guardians (who actually don't die during Seasons--how the hell long do they live?), and even with the Tonkee section, at first we're seeing the control room and learning stuff about it. I honestly think Tonkee grabbed the piece of metal so that she'd have something from the control room to study, eve if she was barred from the whole thing. And then, of course, we get that whole body horror section. I believe the metal piece was using magic from the Earth in order to move through Tonkee's body. Was it heading for the base of her neck? Ooo, what if Castrima is where Guardians were first made?

So, that last section was frantic and terrifying and gross...and now Tonkee is minus and arm. That could interfere with her studies, if she's allowed to stay. I really hope they don't kick her out.