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I know exactly how you feel. I've been cutting for a year and half. My friend told counselors and teachers and I cried all day. I thought it was someone else who told and she told me, in a note, that she told people at school to try and get me help. She betrayed my trust and it made matters worse. i got grounded and phone got taken away. Now, we are still friends but she doesnt know what's going on in my life. All I'm saying is that I know it's hard to talk to them about things you may not feel comfortable with. I feel the same way. I know you may not want help cuz neither did I. I still don't. But there are ways of dealing. Different ways to try and avoid it. Try to write, blast music, dance when nobody is looking, take time to sit back and think about what makes you want to cut and avoid cutting. It just takes time,and patience. Your friends are there for you. Believe me, I know. And if you dont feel comfortable with them, talk to me or something. I'll listen and help in any way i can. =]

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i know how you feel. when my parents got divorced and my mom moved to Puerto Rico she started dating almost instantly. it was really hard to accept. now my dad is remarried and i have two stepbrothers. i never see my mom. sometimes its like i have no mom. i know shes there and i can talk to her but when she gets angry with me, it makes things worse. well...i guess my point is, you are alive. although your dad is gone, its better to just keep living and be happy. like he wants you to be. be a good friend to others and help any way you can. to get your mind off of things, just write your emotions and tear the paper, listen to music, even join a club or something. it really does help. i used to cut and im trying so hard to stop. things havent been easy with me either. but just try something out, you nver know the cool people you'll meet and some new things you might learn. keep your head up, kiddo. :]

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my dad is the same way. its A or grounded. but ur dad will get better like mine did. he's realized that no matter how hard i try, i still get a C in physics. just tell him ur trying the best you can. and its not like i wanna take my life away, im just trying to cancel out my residing pain with physical pain...its hard to explain...

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yeah well im a good listener if u ever wanna talk cuz i feel the same way.

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Hey Mark, I really appreciate your help. :] And your right, I'll try to see it from a friend's perspective.