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Yours is one of the most sensible comments that I have read on the subject in recent weeks.

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Thank you, Lord Lexden and Con Home, for such an excellent article. It is also an implicit reminder that no political party can ever afford to take the electorate for granted. We Conservatives may still be only several months into the current parliamentary term, but we must always remember that our opponents, of whatever political complexion, but particularly Labour, are out there--working, planning, plotting, carping, conniving--to upset our apple cart. Above all else, we must appear to have a programme of clear policies--and we must always appear to be in control. Being reactive rather than active--or, even worse, muddling through--is never enough; the electorate as a whole is too astute not to see through it.

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This is one of your best, Elaine, and certainly light years ahead of Mr Gauke's irrelevant contribution.

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This is a very difficult one, morally and politically.

Grayling was probably not the ideal choice, and Mr Lewis is presumably the better man for the job, but Grayling was the choice of the Prime Minister, who also happens to be the leader of Mr Lewis' party, and the man who achieved a romping great election victory for our Party, against numerous odds, in December. If Mr Lewis had performed whatever machinations are attributed to him in support of another candidate, then this weakness of loyalty to the Party and the PM might more readily be forgiven. On balance, I have little sympathy for Mr Lewis, and just as little sympathy for anyone else involved in this fiasco on the PM's side of the equation.

This is really a very silly situation for our Party to be in; it makes us look bad.

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+1, as usual, Elaine.

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I would always hesitate to correct another Con Home oldtimer, Elaine, but, no, I have very happy memories of hearing Lionel Blue, who almost always finished with a joke, on 'Thought for the Day', and until just a few years before he died. Actually, I've just checked Wikipedia, who say he contributed for 25 years.

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Indeed. Almost the only time it was good was when Lionel Blue (of blessed memory) was on. His few minutes, and wonderful jokes, contained more wit than a fortnight of the tinned and politically correct pap dished out by most of the other commentators.

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Tony, yours is one of the most reasonable and perceptive comments to appear on Con Home in years--and oldtimers on Con Home will know that I have been commenting here for something like a decade now.

It would appear that the Church of England's decision to close its churches was made without any serious consultation with other religious denominations. (No, I do not mean "faith communities", which is Anglo-waffle. They are, and were until we started re-making our language, religious denominations.) To many in this country, within and outwith the Church of England, this (as you rightly say) "pathetic and supine" act seemed to indicate that many of the leaders of the Church of England itself considered their religion, and the sense of community that it is meant to engender, irrelevant. The idea of the Archbishop of Canterbury delivering his Easter sermon from his kitchen says it all.

As for your final paragraph: perfection! It just "says it all".

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Sanctimony is addictive, Victor, and frequently contagious, not least when it is based to some degree on ignorance or political prejudice. For as long as I can remember, the media--even the so-called "better" papers--have resorted to creating news when current news requires a fresh subject, or at least a fresh slant. I fear that this story is going to "run and run", at least a bit longer, if only to enable to media to save face. I mean, if they were to stop now, they would be virtually admitting that their scoop had become, and perhaps had always been, a non-story.

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What you say is most interesting, perhaps even revealing. I find it significant that, from what Mr Moore tells us, those bishops lined up, as if like a well-trained chorus line, to castigate a man in no uncertain terms before he had even had a chance to defend himself. Are you suggesting that the "social media amongst Christian friends" did the same, or did they at least do Cummings the courtesy of waiting to hear what he had to say for himself? I think I would be more impressed by these moral postures if they also paid some degree of homage to "Judge not that ye be not judged".