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Absolutely right, WRoy.

This may make Elaine blush a bit, but, probably like a large number of "old regulars" on this site, after reading any ConHome article I normally trawl through the comments to ascertain Elaine's views. There are very few commenters to ConHome with anything like Elaine's Party experience, and she is an unofficial online pal to many. Anyone making unkind, ungenerous, or extreme remarks about Elaine is likely to look very silly to most of us.

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In a contrarian way, I think the ineptitude of CCHQ has done our Party's members an enormous favour by uniting them against the leadership, as never before. I await the eventual reckoning with great interest.

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As ever, Auntie, you are 100% spot-on.

The Cabinet, and indeed the whole of the so-called "Government", have shown less intelligence and sense of direction than your average lettuce. It is time for a change: Boris, Davies, Raab, Patel, Mercer....

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Congratulations, James Hockney, and all praise to your team--and, indeed, to the local electorate, for voting so sensibly, and for appreciating that local elections should be about local issues, and not a reaction to Brexit.

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As virtually always, Elaine, you speak for the majority of us, and do so most eloquently. (The only exception being Boris, but we won't go there today.)

Under Call Me Dave, we were treated as swivel-eyed loons, and where did that get him? You would have thought someone would have learned from that, but no, we're being treated that way again, our views disregarded and every conceivable effort made to force us to support this appalling deal, because the chattering-class Establishment thinks it knows best.

This time, though, I think May et al. have bitten off more than they can chew, and if Bercow supports all the other parties and insists on publication of the full Brexit legal advice, all Halifax is going to break loose, and we shall have a Constitutional mega-crisis. No right-thinking person wants this, but at least it will sink the deal irrevocably, and--please God--much of the government leadership as well.

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I totally agree, Auntie. No one is his right mind would let Mrs May anywhere near an audience or a camera. Just think of the 2017 Conference fiasco.

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Like the NHS, the very existence of the BBC is posited on the assumption that there should be only one source of news, just as there is basically one source of medical treatment via the NHS. The chattering-class Establishment formulates the news, and that becomes the official Party Line for the country. The implicit arrogance of this top-down manner of dishing out the news belittles and insults the intelligence of the electorate. I really do not need the BBC to tell me how to think, and I doubt that most people do. The sooner the BBC is "de-nationalised", the better.

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Fatuous? Surely we can do better than that.
Famous? Hardly.
I'd settle for "infamous".

On another point, has anyone considered what might be the state of Brexit play today if, instead of turning on Johnson, Gove had continued to support him two years ago during the leadership contest? Mr Gove may well be a bright chap, but I suspect he is too much of a loose cannon to rely on.

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"It seems to me that the central issue is one of trust."

You're absolutely spot-on there, Mr Seely, and there's the rub. Fewer and fewer people trust politicians these days, and if May & Co continue along their present anti-Brexit path, fewer and fewer Conservatives are going to trust their own party. This is dangerous stuff, because party membership will decline--again--as it did under Call Me Dave, and there will be fewer hands out there to distribute party campaign material, and reach into their pockets to support the party financially. If enough disgruntled pro-Brexiteers decide to sit out the next General Election or--worse--vote for the Kippers, we'll lose big-time.

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Raab's resignation changes everything. Timing is everything in politics, and Raab's timing is perfection. Were I a betting man, I'd put my money on Raab as the next PM.