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Whoa, so if you order from Amazon, you can get them in just a few days?! That's a massive step up from the 5 months it took for my Dash to arrive. If so, would recommend. My Ranbow arrive just 2 days ago, and she is perfect.

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Almost certainly. I have the Twilight in the photos above, and she has her cutie mark on both sides.

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That's true, and i'm taking that to mean that there won't be an EQG movie being released in the same year/quarter/whateverhasbrostimetableis. If that does happen, i'll just have to wallow in my wrongness.

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For as long as they're making EQG movies, we aren't getting any real MLP movies. So solely on those grounds, I'm against more EQG.

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+1. I've got a little under 40 hours in the game without a dance pad, and frankly, the game isn't really designed for a dance pad. There is a dance pad mode, and i'm sure it's fun, but the game is ridiculously difficult as the story progresses, even using keys. You would have to be a major badass to get the full Crypt of the Necrodancer experience while using a dancepad. It's just that hard.

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That was fast! It only got posted 40 minutes ago.

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Never didn't really win. It just got the plurality. Pony reppers just got spread thin through so many other options. If you add together "sometimes" "subtle" "regularly" and "always" it's a whopping 60%!

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Most of my MLP shirts are "stealth". The normals don't recognize discord, changling silouettes, or cutie marks as MLP stuff. So yeah, i rock the pony shirts pretty often, but i've never invoked the ire of any haters or noticed any strange looks. Just the occasional hoofbump with a fellow brony.

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Lol. Something something escalated quickly. I liked the beginning though. Had a nice noire soul-searching vibe.