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Lol oh well then, that settles it, you and all 3 of your friends voted Republican. Sadly for your theory though, the percentage of American Jews who vote Democratic has proved remarkably stable over the years. Even in the 2014 midterms, which were a blowout for the GOP.

From The Hill, November 7: "In Tuesday's debacle for the Democrats, one constituency stood firm - the American Jewish community.

A poll of American Jewish voters conducted on Election Day revealed a community that is holding firm to its support of President Obama and its strong antipathy to Congress. It is also a community that cares deeply about Israel but overwhelmingly backs assertive U.S. leadership to bring an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict based on a two-state solution even if that means publicly stating disagreements with both sides.

The poll of Jewish voters conducted by GBA Strategies with a statistical margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points found that 69 percent of respondents voted Democrat in their district with only 28 percent voting Republican. Obama’s approval rating was 57 percent, compared to around 43 percent in the general population. Only 18 percent approved of the job being done by Congress while 82 percent disapproved.

The clear conclusion is that despite Republican efforts to target Jewish voters and to paint the president as somehow anti-Israel, the Jewish vote is not up for grabs. In fact, there has been a remarkable consistency in the Jewish vote for Congress over the past three elections as measured by GBA surveys, including 66 percent for Democrats in 2010, 69 percent in 2012, and 69 percent in 2014.

Moreover, in a test 2016 matchup pitting Hillary Clinton against former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R), Clinton won by 69 to 24 percent. She beat Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul (R) by 71 to 22 percent. "

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‘It looks cosmetically appealing, and he said it was a life-changing event, he’s all smiles,’ said Carrion.

I'll bet the girls (or boys) he hooks up with are all smiles too, amirite.

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You actually raise an interesting question, Wonkette. Is there any way an enterprising reporter could find out how many subscribers Palin's channel has? And if so, how do I get my latest Kickstarter campaign over to them. They will apparently pay for anything.

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This Andrea Tantaros is really stepping up her game to be the head dumb bimbo on Fox. Watch out, Fox & Friends blonde bim, Andrea is coming up.

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I'm not sure who are bigger scumbags, Republican politicians or the dimwitted greedy racists who vote for them?

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That dead squirrel he has stapled to his head might be rabid. Someone make sure Rand had his vaccinations, please.

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- Sen. Lindsey Graham

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Anyone know if 30 Rock is on Netflix? I miss the wacky antics of Kenneth the Page.

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You sound deranged, nobody wants you on their side. Even the right-wingers are embarrassed.

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It's always nice to see Matt Drudge out and about at the pharmacy picking up his genital warts balm. And to think they call him reclusive.