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As soon as this nonsense is passed, the Chinese will instantly start crowing "See, it's not genocide, if it was the British would stop trading with us"

And on top of that, there's the precedent set for future trade deals. Next trade deal with Israel? You can be sure Labour will want a "genocide" clause in there, which will be triggered the minute they next get hold of the keys to Number 10.

Simply put a clause that allows either party to impose sanctions, following a proper process, and leave it at that. Otherwise you'll have to add yet another paragraph for each Newspeak crime dreamed up by the people who think Nineteen Eighty-Four is an instruction manual.

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May, like Biden's call for 'unity' is screaming into the void, against the cacophony of old and new media. The arrival of the 24-hr news cycle diluted the definition of 'news' to the point of nonexistence. The arrival of social media and 'citizen journalism' caused editors to heap pressure on journalists for a scoop at any cost, up to and including verifying whether something was true.

And so it came to pass that the Fourth Estate lost it's impartiality and objectiveness. Why bother presenting a balanced and well-researched piece of information, with a light dusting of genuinely expert analysis, when having Christine Bleakley and Nihal screeching in Iain Dale's face gets better ratings?

The best lesson anyone can learn in life is to realise that the news is part of the entertainment business. All they care about are eyeballs on adverts (or the weird BBC alternative - eyeballs NOT on adverts)

I do feel a little bit sorry for May that the only President she got the photo-op with is Trump. At least she wasn't reduced to chasing Obama round the kitchen table though.

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99% of the readers of almost all websites don't comment on them. Call-me-Dave's best insight was that "Britain is not Twitter"

It's simply a fact that the vast majority of people have something better to do. Which is a bit of a self-indictment I suppose!

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I'd love to get my hands on pots of money, and I'm not too proud to turn my nose up just because it's 'dark'

The country's going to the dogs anyway - might as well get rich in the process

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Schools didn't 'struggle to provide this' - they were hamstrung by the useless DoE's insistence that doing home learning was not compulsory for pupils - and maintaining that stance even as participation rates dropped to 10%.

My wife's school provided a wealth of resources for children, including videos, phone calls, interactive sessions and written activities, but if parents refuse to get their children to engage with it, there's nothing that can be done.

I'm afraid this initiative will just be seized upon by the families that already put a lot of care and attention into their children's education. It's the other families and their poor kids that will suffer the consequences

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If people are 'encouraged' to use sticks and stones against other human beings, simply by the words in a pop song, then the problem is not the song

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5-10 days per week seems like a big commitmnent!

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I'm not a fan of the "poor employment outcomes" stipulation, because I believe that if a person truly loves a subject, they should be able to study it without having to worry about a following job.

Of course, this could have been avoided by funding universities through a graduate tax, but instead we've got this toxic mix of handing out taxpayers money, leading to questions of usefulness during hard times, and asking poorer students to take on mountains of unaffordable debt. Cancelling the "wrong sort of courses" is the inevitable result.

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How's the weather in Moscow?

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Russia don't pick winners. Their cyber-espionage atrategy is to sow internal discord. So they can "interfere with an election" without favouring one side or the other - frequently they'll favour both.

Of course, hoping for Marr to actually ask an informed question, or expecting a Russian ambassador to answer one, is a fruitless endeavour