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Cummings has rightly deduced that the problem lies within the inertia and muddle-headed thinking of the Civil Service and the quangocracy. You can have the smartest policies and the brightest ministers in the world, but they'll all be ground into the dust fighting the Blob.

A big part of the establishment's love for the EU is the complete lack of accountability. What should be seen as an affront to democracy by everyone, is treated as an unassailable fountain of wise and unimpeachable policy.

Expect civil service reform to loom large in the next government. Also expect the predictable wailing of those who are comfy hiding under the pebbles, when they get kicked over and the sunlight comes streaming in.

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If it's not in the manifesto, I think we can assume any promises are hot air, and the rollout is going ahead in April.

So I won't be voting Tory, and I'll be shutting my business down and retiring somewhere nice and warm.

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But don't be self-employed or you'll be driven out of business because no-one in government has ever run their own company and thinks the only reason to work for yourself is to dodge tax.

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All the young people I know are voting Green because they are worried about the environment. The idea that votes for 16yos gives a huge boost to Labour is nonsense - maybe it was true 20 years ago, but no chance now.

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Hence "nation that wanted to" and not "government that wanted to impose this on a nation that didn't want it"

I'm sick of political "leaders" who do anything but lead - instead are buffeted by the winds of opinion polls, focus groups and newspaper headlines.

Leadership requires two things - to purposely move towards an objective, and to convince others to follow you. The next generation of voters will care deeply about climate change and the environment, probably above all other issues, and any party that doesn't grasp that nettle will be swept aside.

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It blindingly obvious to anyone with the ability to add up, that carbon emissions could be set to net zero worldwide within a decade, simply by having a well-enforced global market for atmospheric CO2. Polluters would be required to either purchase carbon credits or face punitive fines.

Adam Smith would do the rest. Best of all, this could easily be done unilaterally by any nation that wanted to.

But of course, that wouldn't keep the globalists and their acolytes quite as comfortable as they want to be. So don't hold your breath. Pun intended.

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Electoral Calculus have repeatedly said that their UNS model is not very reliable for an election where a non-party-aligned topic (Brexit) is a major factor.

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Give her a lift to a country lane a few hundred miles away!

(for the avoidance of doubt, I'm joking!)

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Anything less than 20 and the Revoquistes still in the party will think they've got a chance of grabbing power.

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And if you know someone ill or aged, offer them a lift to the polling station. Every vote counts