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Ah, but for the woke generation it's not just enough to make their own, bigoted, uninformed and arbitrary choices. No, it's in their blood that they must force all others to do the same.

That's why they love the Napoleonic EU system of rules for everything. They can't abide the common law of precedent. For 40 years the former has been allowed to trample over the latter without explicitly changing the civil contract, and the results have been a disaster.

That's why ending the primacy of the ECJ is more important than anything else in Brexit

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Make sure that conspiring to do so is a separate, and more serious, offence. That stops all of the "wasn't me wot cut the chain/broke the door, guv'nor" nonsense - if you are benefiting from a criminal act in the form of enjoying someone's property without their consent, then you are liable to the charge of conspiracy to commit that initial act.

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I have. I remember how much it sounded like Dominic Grieve

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I assume the opinion polls are going well for him, because I haven't heard a squeak about them from the "impartial" so-called-BBC

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I'd love to see school finance targeted at areas of genuine need, rather than using the useless proxy of Free School Meals.

The ONS already produces reports on the Index of Multiple Deprivation, a highly detailed measure of genuine poverty. Scotland uses their own version to target a wide range of anti-povery measures to where they'll actually help, and it's time England & Wales followed suit.

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During those 14 days, there will be opinion polls that I wouldn't mind betting will show a massive surge in support for Johnson. At that point the rebels will hopefully realise the game is up and they have lost.

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He failed to mention there WERE no alternatives - it was von der Leyen or nobody

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Given the lack of such a direction from the leadership at the time, and how the Conservative MEPs have become complete Brussels natives, it's hard to imagine them not toeing the EU line.

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When the EU army eventually arrives, I bet they fail the goose-step test

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I trawled back through your 6 pages of comments. You must really care a lot about this.

Your brilliant plan is complete drivel. A quick search of Erskine May turns up absolutely no mention of your idea that Parliament can dismiss the goverhment by any other process than the procedure in the FTPA, and that the only way to initiate that is through a VONC brought by the leader of the opposition.