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And thank you for having the guts to walk away from something wonderful. The next time I am trying to find the courage to walk away when I know I need to, I will think of The Toast.

You are all perfect snowflakes, mud pies, horseshoe crabs, and monkey puzzle trees.

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I Jeopardied also--I just thought he was a total goofball. Although the day I lost, he intro'ed me as demonstrating that people from DC tend to be the smartest contenstants, and then when I lost, he said "you did that just to make me look bad!"

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This is marvelous, but also it reminded me that DIRTBAG TEDDY ROOSEVELT is a top-ten all-time Toast Great Post and I just got to read it and FORSOOTH

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Seconded on legal work drawing it out. It's not really the bluebooking though--that's what paralegals are for! (And nobody--zero people in my experience--care about the finer points of BB style as long as you can tell where the cited info came from). Actually being a lawyer, assuming your practice heads in the right direction, can be an extremely creative field--brainstorming, spitballing, creative work-arounds and problem-solving, etc. are the name of the game in many cases. I've been practicing for 5 years and it's my total inability to manage competing simultaneous client needs that has made me i) realize my diagnosis; ii) confirm same; and iii) seek help.

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I could be wrong, but I remember when she goes to live in the city the lady gives her a book with lots of beautiful pictures of saints, and it's all about mending her little heathen mountain ways and making her all prayerful and bringing a big Bible to Peter's grandmother and bringing the grandfather back to God. I could be remembering wrong?

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I loved this book so much when I was little. i read it constantly. It was funny, because it's basically a book about how Jesus saves all the nice mountain people from poverty somehow, which made me suuuper uncomfortable, but I just could not resist the goats and the cheese and the little bowls of milk. Less Jesus! More cheese! Is how I felt about Heidi.

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YES! I don't remember the name, but the kid sneaks into people's vacation houses when they're not there, and he was hiding because the people came back or something. His mom ran a motel. I remember the book talking about her flashing the "vacancy" sign when a car drove by.

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A million years ago, when Facebook was new-ish and the word "viral" still referred to the good kind of meningitis, there was a "Post 25 Things About Yourself" thing that went around. One of the things I posted said "In general, I like books more than people. I like my people and my books about the same. But don't worry, if you and my books were trapped in a burning building, I'd save you." I now feel like Jaya might be the only person on earth who really understands what I meant by that.

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I would definitely read The Vices of the Wife of the Vice-President. You might need a number, though? Like, The Seventeen Vices of the Wife of the Vice President

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Laurence Tribe, The Invisible Constitution. The Garner/Scalia book on legal writing. A pocket Bill of Rights. Something on critical race theory.