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Cantwell needs to be replaced because she only shows up in this state when she is running for re-eelction. Where does she really live? Does she have any commitment whatsoever to WA State? She wouldn't even hold any town meetings during the healthcare debate. She hid. She would not respond to anyone who had any questions about the bill, especially if they were against it.
Since she does not represent us, we need to replace her with someone who will!

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I wonder why this kid, who is now about 17 yrs old decides to come forward now. I can't believe he is just now learning about what molestation is. 1) Is it fact or a wild imagination and 2) how's he going to prove it after all these years? Having told similar stories to friends could just mean the kids imagination has been fixating on this teacher for a while.

BTW: If there's truth to it, then I'd say lock her up and take away her ability to be anywhere near children.

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The prison system needs to have facilities designated for the criminally insane to handle their specific issues. Having them at a state hospital when they are convicted with a life sentence just does not make sense. The state hospital should treat those who hopefully can be released at some point to function in society. Those with a prognosis of little to no recovery need to be in a long term care facility. Prison is meant to lock up those who are a danger to the public and the criminally insane certainly qualify.

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If they want something named McKinley, find something in Ohio.

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Funny you should mention the Seattle Center and stray bullets when someone actually DID get shot during Folklife this year! It can happen ANYWHERE.

They used to have a childrens area at Westlake years ago. Time to make it more family friendly once more.

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Can we hope the bricks land on his head? Great karma would be his no-good druggie ex-wife doing him in and making it look like a suicide.

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You are so right. Criminals do not respect laws. If guns are illegal they will still find a way to get them.
Law abiding citizens will no longer have the right to own a weapon to protect themselves against the thugs.
When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.

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When you think of it in terms of the flesh eating organisms found in Georgia recently it can be frightening! Just getting your feet wet walking the beach at the ocean can cost you your life.

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Ya think maybe the mention of both a wife and a girlfriend in the same sentence was a clue? Sounds like he has the rath of more than one woman on him right now. IMHO he brought it on himself!

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Yes. And running for re-election, too. Obviously she thinks WE'RE this stupid, too.