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No one really cares what Hanks has to say. He goes where he can say his liberal views and he won't be called out for it. Thank goodness we do have FOX news.

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Ladyhawke is a family favorite. We watch it at least once a year and my husband knows all the dialogue by heart.
Leo McKern and Matthew Broderick were also excellent. Michelle Pheiffer was stunningly beautiful and it worked with the rugged but tender Mr. Hauer.

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Great analysis! Thanks.

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I have not been a fan of Letterman for a very long time.
I think he is arrogant and I agree with Don Imus' view on that man.

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It is sad that this attitude isn't surprising at NBC. I have come to expect it from not only that network, but the others as well. These aren't 'news' people. They follow lock-step with the left promoting their agenda shamelessly.

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Thanks to Steven and Zo for helping Americans stand up!
I did not feel alone with their logical and entertaining explanations.
Thanks, also, PJTV!

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Me, too
Still wouldn't trade Colorado living

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That is just wrong.
Why can't the true story get told?

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I agree.
And don't forget the major role that the Democratic Congress played in the last 4 years. The left wants to blame Bush for everything. Man Up! Take responsibility for putting these people in office, whoever you are.

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I think not.
I am so happy to stand with you against this outrageous behavior.
Thank you.