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They have already, or did her IRS problems solve. Cindy is not a fraud, just a sad woman who lost her son and was groomed instead of encouraged to grieve.

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Creating a forum, thus a community is no small task.. He did well.

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Writting in the koran is wrong, I say shariah those prisoners, cut their hands off, we don't want Obama's friends angry.

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Bless his memory, may rest in peace

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Catholic bashing from a Guy Fawkes mask wearing advocate. 'Curious and curiouser'

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You are evoking thumbs down declaring a personel choice candidate,on a story exclaiming how others are shaping society to take away freeedom of choice.

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The noble ideal of equality of the living, but they want my gun my father gave me. Telling my children how dangerous it is, when it has never even shot at a living creature. The US, where those deemed poor can be seen with a better cel phone, digital tv and clothes, than many deemed prosperous, and that by personel choice guided by personel priorities.

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If this message of pride in one's own country gets out, the rotting disease shame of patriotism may be cured.

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''Fuzzy math'', the common denominator between hollywood and Prez Obama (save/cut 5% by raiseing it all only 3% and not the wanted 8%, the debt will soon be gone at that rate, if those evil fiscal conservatives don't get elected).

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It always amazes me that profit is made by doing or not, it pays to have the correct friends.