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"My views about wider issues are also shared by the majority of British voters, who have elected Conservative governments for the last decade"

In the last decade, the Conservative party have received 36.1%, 36.9%, 42.4% and 43.6% of the votes at general elections. None of those represent a majority of British voters.

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You should check the figures:

Leave votes in Scotland: 1,108,322
Yes to independence votes: 1,617,989

No voters in 2014 were told that voting No was the best way of guaranteeing Scotland remained in the EU. How has that worked out for them?

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Meanwhile there are discussions over special immigration rights for Turkish people to the UK post-Brexit. Oh the irony.

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In recent days it is being reported that the Conservative party is targetting voters in marginal constituencies using advertising on Facebook related to immigration. One presumes this is being done on the grounds that it is considered effective and this would seem to be one of Dominic Cummings' areas of expertise.

Given the way that such social media platforms operate, anyone can target pretty much anything at any group of individuals if they are prepared to pay for it (having seen how an organisation I am a part of has been able to target advertising at Facebook users in an attempt to recruit sports volunteers, what is possible is both impressive and pretty scary).

Putin sees weakening of and discord within western institutions as being to his advantage, whether that be NATO, the EU or anything else. Given the evidence of interference from the 2014 Scottish referendum, it is not credible that such behaviour stopped at that point, as, in reality, the only people who can control this are the platforms like Facebook and Twitter themselves.

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Bars and restaurants have already been re-closed in Florida.

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No, I leave that to the experts and they do not consider either FPTP or AV to be a form of PR.

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The 2017 general election, where May secured 42.4% of the vote, produced several years of complete instability. May secured over 3 million votes more than Cameron and a much higher vote share. In any sane, sensible, system, such an improvement in input should deliver a comparable improvement in output (MPs), yet it didn't. Johnson's success in 2019 didn't some from doing much better than May (in terms of total votes and vote share it was only a slight improvement), but by another party's drop in performance. Clearly it's a broken and unrepresentative system.

What 2017 vs 2019 showed beyond any doubt is that voters do not all have an equal say in the outcome of UK general elections and no amount of equalising constitiency sizes will ever change that.

Whether your vote matters depends entirely on where you live, and that is wrong in a modern democracy. We should all have an equal voice, and that means an equally valuable vote.

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That wasn't the question in 2011. If you want an example of doing that, look at what New Zealand did, with a two stage process. Vote 1 was keep the FPTP system or change it. Once the majoirity in the first vote was for a change, vote 2 was then on what system to change it to.

The last people who should be making a decision on how they are elected are the people who benefit from being able to be in power on little more than one third of the votes cast so have absolutely no interest or incentive in changing to a system where every vote counts equally and every vote has an effect on the outcome (the last three "majority" single party governments in the UK got vote shares of 43.6%, 36.9% and 35.2%).

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The UK public have never had a referendum on introducing PR.

It's impossible to re-run something that never happened in the first place.

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Offer the public PR and recent opinion polls show it is likely there will be a different answer.