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The father killing the mother and leaving the child to die was in no way amplified by his skin colour. It was the story tellers way of quickly and easily making the father believe the child was not his. That was the point of the story, he would've reacted the same way had she actually cheated with another man of the same race, however to add that to the story would've needed unnecessary details and wouldn't have fit into the whole moon motif. The story in no way condones killing based on race this is you merely being hyper-sensitive at the mere mention of his skin colour, when it was just a plot device. You try to think before you jump to idiotic conclusions on this incredibly old folk tale.

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Inserting your own agenda into these folk tales, millennials are such a lost cause. The man didn't hate the kid because he was a different race you moron, he hated him because he suspected his wife of cheating. Read the lyrics without jumping to these idiotic claims. He was brown, she was brown, the baby was white, anyone would've jumped the gun. The point of he story was to be a tragedy, and the twist that brought about their downfall was this miscommunication.

He didn't think, "his is white I hate him", he thought "he ISN'T my son" . When this tale was created it's point wasn't, "don't trust those white foreigners" it's point was somewhere along the lines of "mothers be careful what you wish for". Yes the skin colour was a major point in the story but not for your idiotic #racist mindset. It was a plot device, nothing more.

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"Hijo de la luna" and Son of Princess Luna have absolutely nothing to do with race or prejudice. It's a story of the worries of fertility and tragedy. How you see "racial intolerance" in this old folk tale speaks wonders of your character.

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It might be three days later, but you made me laugh.

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Another gaudy looking clothesline targeted at bronies. Yay.

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>inb4 Trixie *Reads Post* Well I'll be, it doesn't have Trixie. Heresy!

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Refused anyone from filming panels, barred Horse news outlets from seeking interviews/refused to give information under threat of banning. Filmed the events themselves after banning filming "for the children", Childish PR department who blatantly admitted biases to other pony news sites. I could go on forever.

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Yay, let's hope hope the former Everfree assholes don't fuck this up like they did in EQLA. Had to watch the con through a potato.

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I can not imagine this turning out well. Seems more like a cash grab and unless the studio has their own version of Lauren Faust, I don't see much hope for it.

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Sony being a bitch. Who would've guessed? Cough *Sony hack* Cough