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Galacon was awesome, and having all of you here made it even better.

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Enjoy your food while you can, soon you shall only eat terrible muffins as Equestria will be equalized!

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She's obviously a spy using different names for her sabotage missions.

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Behold. Princess Tank!

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Okay, whe now know Party Favor's deviantart page for sure, this person is good!

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Seen a guy take writings from his family, send them to an artisan to turn them in a funny material, then sell each with at least five digit figures and be called a great international artist.
While I don't thing the tracing is a good creation method, DP actualy created stuff whis his tracings, and while some are made this way a lot of them are not.

And for copyright well, we are all brutalizing it everyday without even thinking about it.

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Got tricked three times into thinking she got her cutie mark! And four times into thinking Starlight Glimmer was here!

I'm bad at detecting dream sequences when they don't include ridiculous light effects, impossible doors and an angry giant Rarity cloud...
The episode was like Applejack's song, cute and sweet.

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Sad that they couldn't save him, may he rest in peace.

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Face justice? Yes of course. Executed? No, this is never a good answer.

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Loved it!

"You can't have a nightmare if you never dream" Luckily i had my Pinkie plushie to compensate the creepy levels.

Oh, and Sugar Belle(or Bell? I'm not sure) was the cutest.