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No I'm pretty sure there's more than just this giving them a bad name.

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She may as well have the face because she has the rest of him under the shirt there somewhere.

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Oh come now, be honest, you remember when that fat, balding out of work plumber was having trouble keeping up the were thinking...oh yeah, you were thinking.

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Put down the bong son you're making a fool of yourself.

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I understand what you're saying Rancher, but if the purpose of the drone is to gather information, and the purpose of the information is to determine the best possible course of action in the interests of the nation, then are we to understand that the best course of action was complete and total cowardice ? It would seem like the people in charge treated the drone feed like one big video game and then when it ended, went back to white wine and brie.

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It's hard to imagine, they sat and watched and they knew and then they lied, because they didn't want to offend the sensibilities.

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And if he did CL, the New York Times would say it was the most definitive statement yet of the sheer power this presidents intellect, how commanding he could be when tapping into the deepest souls know the story.

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I know, I DID have a son...and he didn't look like me.

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The best part about this Alex old buddy old pal, is that what would really bring you down is that damnable right wing voice messaging service that recorded that charming conversation you had with your daughter. I mean it's not like we didn't know you were bat guano crazy, but it sure was nice of you to get it down on tape. LLOOOONNNNN !!!

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Very true, they all belong to the same pack of Hyenas.