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No kidding.... way too emotionally invested to make a sound argument. With her logic, if a terrorist group decided to brand themselves with a reversed American flag and recreated the holocaust or 9/11... I guess we would have to stop flying our American flag because it would be offensive. I would love to see her comment on this board... I love it when idiots get attention through bogus news "stories". Hopefully she's curled up at home thinking about how embarrassing it will be to walk down the street knowing everyone who saw this will see her for the dip that she is.

I also think this is deserving of a follow-up story from King 5 featuring those individuals of other cultures whose relevance and tradition was completely, and publicly, negated by KOMO's "creative" writing...

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That's a fair point.

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Its really not an issue of whether or not you believe in this kind of birth control. It's their store... they can stock it or not stock it if the want. Hell they dont have to stock Fruit Loops if they dont want too. Go to a different pharmacy. Find out what pharmacy sells is BEFORE you get laid. I swear to God all accountability is rotting away from civilization. It's not even a friggin morality issue! Just use your effing brain!

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GO YANKEES!!!!!!!!!!!

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I saw Eubanks play at Jazz Alley in, I think, 1999. WOW... probly one of the best shows I have ever seen. Yes we have all seen him play on TV... but to sit and watch this master play for hours straight... it's incredible. Can't wait to see him again as he's touring!

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Well said toodles. Its funny when someone whos never been in the area thinks they can just "google" anything with absolute certainty. When I read that comment i was thinking "you've never actually BEEN here have you?" I would hate to have to walk from boston harbor to the nearest motel. Especially with a kid! good luck!

Ha... well phearis in his/her infinite wisdom will figure it out someday!

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So I live down in OIympia, and Im no crimelab guy or anything... but i have some thoughts. First of all, komo's story doesnt have this yet, but King5 updated theirs and gave a timeline of events and some survelance video - but king5's comment board is horrible... so im posting here:)

Trying to figure out how she got to west olympia... then to east olympia... then to north olympia. Seems like she was looking for a payphone and food where they were going and kept getting lost. Boston harbor is where you end up if you double back to the mercentile, where she tried to use the phone, and just kept driving north. Wondering if she just parked the car on the beach and decided to wait out the night and start again at daylight. If she drove out at low tide and awoke with the front of her van submerged they probably paniced and bailed.

Of course.... where the hell is she now? seems someone would notice them walking...

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You should ALWAYS get a ticket if you are doing something that causes you to drive unsafely. BUT THAT IS NOT LIMITED TO CELL PHONES. If you are driving down the road obeying all laws and you can have that phone conversation - great. If not, a cop is going to see that and you're going to get that secondary ticket. If you're doing fine - leave people alone.
AT THE SAME TIME... and I see this JUST AS MUCH AS CELL PHONES... some people drinking lattes, eating a muffin, changing the radio, scolding the kids, or playing with their GPS cannot drive for #$%^&. And there's no offense in that.
I remember reading an article on either KOMO or KING where they interviewed a WSP trooper and he quoted that there were times where, as a trooper, he has driven behind women (and maybe some men) who are applying mascara (sp?) while driving ---- AND HE CANT DO ANYTHING BECAUSE THEY ARE DRIVING SAFELY. Well in my opinion... staring into a mirror to apply makeup is a much more dangerous situation than talking on the phone.
CORRECT THE DRIVER... dont write a law that gets so nitty gritty that it excludes THE WHOLE ISSUE.

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An interesting twist to this is what is considered "public view". No matter what your stance is on whether or not he SHOULD have been seen, legally if he CAN be seen by reasonable means from a public place, anything he does while in view can be considered public domain. Yes, this means that you could stand in the middle of the street or sidewalk (public property), point a camera at his junk, take a picture, and legally publish it without concern of invasion of privacy - he cant do anything. So it "swings" both ways if you get my drift.

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On a more serious note...I think this is just real bad timing for those that would argue the "if you dont like it - dont go" case; although, that is also my position.

Fact of the matter is that there are bad apples in any industry (anyone remember the nail salons?). This one has just been getting alot of extra coverage recently and that will add fuel to the fire.