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You don't really know maybe she will let them use food stamps or ebt cards or any government subsidies in the form of money they use in that area. After all that is Bummers voters.

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Then just what are they going to do with all the Islam religion and what they preach and dictate to their followers, all they preach is Kill, kill, kill, infidels and if you disgrace their family, your Beat, stone, whatever but either way your dead. Now just where are the courts and puting all of them in prision. They dictate by far worse then a spanking. JUST A THOUGHT, sound kind of one sided in a lot of things.

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Please tell me this animal is not married and has reproduced. He has to be the one of most repulsive individual alive today. If he is married and has children God have mercy on them. And they say Rush Limbaugh is terrible, well I've got news for you he can't hold a candle to Billy Boys disgusting behavor. His parents must be absolutely terrible parents or their absolutely mortified at his action. Either way he is beyond disgusting.

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What ever in the world, ever makes you people think for a slight split second anyone, one will do anything. to Mr. Bummer He Can be as illegal as it comes, and no court in this land will go against him. Number 1 The crooks in Washington D.C. will NEVER allow that to happen. And states will lose any federal aide if they try beyond a simple court order. Washington D.C. is laughing their heads off. The dragons head is the federal Government and well......the people, yah see we're the tail that drags threw the poop that the dragon.... well you know. Nothing will everhappen to this disgrace of a president.

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Don't give in to such stupidity, stand for what your church and their congregation stands for. The government should stay out of the Church and their belief, and don't impose their ignorant and hidious garbage on their belief. Stand firm and don't cave to their garbage. God will be proud!

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Only in America would such garbage happen, and they say there is nothing wrong with our court system, This is so Wrong, and as for the person suing, she should be ashamed, put her or his picture on the internet and let people know their despicable face. Disgusting on all levels, bottom line MONEY AND GREED. It's all about everyone owes them.

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And it's not the American taxpayers job to bail out every foriegn country for their disasters, and never get any of the money back. Our government feeds, sends money to, and bails out countries all over the world. When we have a disaster millions and million of dollars comes to the U.S. from foriegn countries, NOT ON YOUR LIFE!

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Just a thought, But what court or any Judge would even attemp this and what JUDGE would even listen to one word of anyones complaint. Its kind of like Arizonas Sheriff Joe, the feds will step in and put the skids to anything you might want to try. Just a thought! But pretty sure I'm fairly accurate. The politicians are suppose to represent the people? Not happening!

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They weren't asked, due to the fact he was a democrat, and no one knows who he is or who was his classmates, who he ever dated, child hood friends, aquaintence before entering politics, strange no one has ever surfaced and said I once dated him, went to college with him, had him in my class, played with him as a young child. Strange he has no past. Has that ever been given any thought by anyone.............Sure sounds kind of strange to me. And if he's a little kinky bet that cost him a pretty penny or they can't be found.

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Michigan State Rep Rashida Tlaib says they caved to the people who complained, and pulled their add from All American Muslims and you say that is wrong.......But its O.K. for them to threaten, Their server has been hacked into and he has been receiving harassing telephone calls including death threats. And their threatening them with a law suit. Americans COMPLAINED. The Muslims ARE THREATENING. Can you see any difference there. You think they should not of pulled it for their customers that complained......But you want them to cave in and put it back AFTER THREATS. So I Guess CAVE IN TO ANYONE EXCEPT A MUSLIM? This country is going down the Ole POOPER.