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At the minute if you look on Facebook on these Buy and Sell websites loads of pups for sale, this should be banned and pups should only be sold via shelters or breeders should have to be licenced.

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For my repeat scripts I ring the health centre a nod they send it directly to the pharmacy of my choice. I then go there the following day a collect the drugs.

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Clearly an election is coming up

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I agree with pretty much all your post, the only thing I would point out is that Aspirin is some times used as blood thinner and can be as life saving to the users of it as the Salbutamol is to your son.

The important thing is to reduce the repeat scripts that are no longer needed, for the long term sick then a system should be setup to allow the access to the required drugs. If this is by the Pharmacy dishing them out then so be it, my only concern would be that the Pharmacy would not be able to record this against the patients NHS records .

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Not disagreeing with you

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That would make sense, they already have a section of the beach for jet skis etc so it shouldn't be a problem to do this. The part of the beach by the entrance is often very congested and requires paying attention by both pedestrians and cars, this often doesn't happen. I have noticed often when passed this section the beach is actually quite clear and can easily find some where to park.

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Having recently spent a week in one of our hospitals I must say the care offered by the nurses was top notch, they could not do enough for the patients on the ward under some stressful situations. On one occasion I witnessed a nurse receive abuse from a patient's family who were visiting, thankfully it didn't get to heavy but the nurse said afterwards this happens regular. People who abuse the nursing staff should be removed from the hospital right away.

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This would require our MLAs to actually know what they are doing!

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Do you then ban all sports tops, what about the members who actual play for the uni GAA team?

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So because of this incident let's ban all the law abiding cars from the beach, where do they propose all the cars will park if not on the beach. I have been to that beach many times each year and it gets very busy with both cars and people, granted a few idiots seem to want to use it as a race track but how about increase patrols on the beach to prevent this. The beach as I understand actual comes under the control of the police so how about they pass the reg numbers to the police.