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Great feature! Allow me to recommend Secret Service :)

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Perhaps it is Microsoft who is forcing Valve to make the download 560 points. Microsoft has a bunch of really stupid rules like that. For example: new achievements can't be released unless they are attached to new DLC.

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Hopefully this setlist will be able to do justice to all the new features they added to the game.

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Be a Tree. Nuff' Said.

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Well you are right about the fps perspective and its obstacles, but need i remind that Gordon Freeman never EVER talks, and he is one of the most revered characters in all of gaming. What im trying to get at here is that the story of the conduit, which includes characters and plot, is not at all remarkable- that is until the last level or so.

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Well, I agree on the point that some big games like Halo and even Gears don't have original stories either. However, the difference is that there were aspects of those stories and characters that actually stood out- you can't tell me you honestly don't like Master Chief or Marcus Fenix. I took actual feelings away from those games, that made them truly stand out to me. Unfortunately, Mr. Ford and company in The Conduit brought about no such thoughts of honest to goodness interest, but like i stated it IS a grea reason to dust off the Wii.

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Crap, and with that the PSP lineup got even stronger. Seriously, now is a great time to own a PSP! I'm sure the dismal DS sales had mainly to do with this port.

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Project Natal = technology stolen from Skynet for rlz

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Heh, im digging that Dashboard theme

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Yes, the 14th century Italian poet clearly wanted to develop his very own portable game. Obviously, being there were no consoles back then, he settled for just writing the Divine Comedy. FINALLY his vision is being fulfilled. :)

Actually, this one doesn't seem half bad- cant wait for some gameplay vids