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If you hate nebraska cornholers so much. Why do you watch their games which they win all the time!!!

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Shay and Bobo, Spruce and TE seem to be strength of the team. They are good targets. Liufau still seems to be the same QB as last year --maybe a little better. However, he is good enough to get the ball out and on time to be a competitive team. SO if you put this group together with even an average O line --I think we could be looking a lot more competitive team. Our O line is a real weak point of this team. DL is worstO unit but they have had injuries.
O line is smallish, error prone and not together on many plays. I still can't get over that CSU club who replaced their entire line this year and came out and busted 200 on ground. Why can'T we do that???

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I dont understand how CSU has 4 new starters on their offensive line and then also gets their 5th injured and out of game -- and then roll over a PAC12 team defense. We have 3 returning starters and others with experience and can't get more then 120 yards against a WAC team.
Can't punch in a ball from the 2 with 3 trys. Really?
Just seems there are major issues with line play-- coaching and development. -- I mean major 8 to 9 losses major issues. I dont see Mac moving in on this issue.

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This is spot on. Lines are either not coached properly or simply not the talent

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I was hoping for some improvement this year. Vs CSU went from +14 to -14. WOW!!! 28 points less
I'll take 4-8 again as long as lose by 10 or less each game-- roughly half the avg margin of victory last year.
i like MacIntyre -- Little worried now about a lot areas of this team including coaching strategy. Its first game-- there young -- they have been young for 5 years. Just hope that game 1 to game 2 leap in performance happens. Mac needs it to maintain sanity among the dwindling, yet strong --fan base

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This article is completely unfair and should have never been written or published especially from the local beat writer.
Tad and the buffs were set up prior to Dinwiddie getting hurt to "raise the bar." They were a preseason top 25 and prior to his injury ranked as high as 20. This was the "raise the bar" year. It was in place. Then the unexpected happen. You lose your best player. Not Tad's fault. Tad did a remarkable job just to get to the tournament. So what they lost to Pitt. Even if won they would of got beat by Florida. So if they beat Pitt -- are you raising the bar to expect sweet 16? Elite 8? Really ?? Just because you have a pulpit doesn't mean you can just "raise the bar." It was already raised this year---it was going to happen-- Stop unnecessarily pressing the fan base and coaches. Its CU -- yes we are a lot better than 3 years ago--- this doesn't mean we are now a Sweet 16 caliber program-- takes more time. Tad is on the right trajectory. Support him-- don't over hype expectations.

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I have railed on the Buffs for 5 years now. This year, excluding my emotion as a passionate fan who remembers the 1990s and early 2000s, it was better this year, a lot better. Props to coach Mac and his staff for giving this program a rock of consistent positive attitude and class during a long year. Paul Richardson is by far the best player and talent on this team. Props to him for also being a team player and a class act. Sefo also props for being a gritty player and class act. He has a long way to go to be a top player in this league -- but he might make it. It seems almost every position is in need of major improvement. This team is going to need more high quality recruits-- they may not all appear as 4 or 5 star guys -- but the program is heavily invested in Mac's eye for talent and coaching up players. If he can ID right guys and coach up to PAC12 level then -- the Buffaloes can roam again and return to their glory. As a CU fan since since 1970 -- I have seen bad and great periods of Buff teams -- Mac II may have something started here ---

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You have a lot to offer this blog. You need to step up your game. Come on now!!! Get serious about Buff success

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ROLL TAD !!! Cant wait for season. BUFFS LOOK GOOD

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If you are on the CU BUFF --Daily Camera blogging -- and you are discussing how to connect your TV to your cable--- You are a loser !!!!! Saheeb, 63buff, MarcusJ, b12, Dallas Buff
GO BUFFS -- Got to do something different on D. Sefo - no big mistakes -- have a chance. LETS DO IT!!