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Here is a letter that I have sent to the Senators and Representatives of the state of Tennessee. I wonder of they will get the point? I wonder what would happen of all of the members of congress got a letter like this?


From:M. Timberlake Orr
xxx Lancaster Ave.
xxxx, TN xxxxx

Senator xxxxx,

How does it feel to know that you are about to become one of us in the ranks of the un-employed!!!!

Your about to be “Czar’ed” out of a job!! There won’t be any need for you any more in Washington just as soon as Pres. Obama appoints a “Czar of Tennessee” to replace you!

Gather up your pens and pencils, clean out your desk, and pack it all up for the move out of your office and head home to the once great Volunteer State.

I’ll save a place for you in the un-employment line, see you soon.


M. Timberlake Orr

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Glenn has started a great thing here. However don’t be lulled into a false since of accomplishment. YOU need to take to time to get the contact info for your elected officials (from this site) and let them know how you feel! We all need to speak to the issues and make our voices heard in the form of e-mails, (real) letters, and phone calls to our elected representatives! Although your letter, e, or call may not be directly read or considered, the sheer volume (and weight) of our concerns will give any politician pause and finally have to listen to US! Don’t expect results tomorrow, that aint going to happen, we need to keep chipping away with our all of our voices. WE need to let them know “We surround them” ! ... and don't forget to share.