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Well if the dogs weren't out running in the road or the neighbors yard this wouldn't have happened. Which is worse - people who shoot dogs for trespassing, or the people who let dogs run loose?

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Blazer management always picks a big guy with knee problems. They've been doing this for years, since they didn't take Michael Jordan, Kevin Durant etc. They're getting a little better at acquiring good players, but put a 7 footer with bad knees in front of them and they'll pick him everytime,

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Cool- maybe I'll try a Diatom shake - mmm.

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Sounds like an advanced growsite, a veg room and a bud room, 130 plants. Nowadays you can buy a black tent with a grow light and an exhaust out the top through a charcoal filter and you could grow several plants in an apartment, no one would know. Unless you got greedy, and started selling it.

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Any information on cellphone data, GPS, credit card , bank account access? If there was a picture of her wearing a cowboy hat it wouldn't necessarily mean she was going to a rodeo - but the armchair detectives on here seem to watch too much tv.

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Poor lady. Someone needs to put up a donation jar for people with gambling problems.

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Wahhh - the county wants us to keep the drinking water clean! How inconvenient! I need to clearcut the river bank and spray 5 gallons of Roundup every spring to keep the weeds down and all they care about is clean drinking water!

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Uh, if anybody gets killed by Wikileaks it is the direct result of US nattional policy, not Wikileaks.Wikileaks is just letting people know what the real government policy is, although the government doesn't want anyone to know.

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The message we get is "Rehab doesn't work." This poor guy, probably one of these days we're going to read about his death.

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Thats a good one "Defy wisdom and vote for Kitzhaber".