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Frankly, I'm sick of people that post crap comments like you. You do not have to read it if you don't want to. Just leave this site.

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Just another clown. I feel ashamed for being in the same fandom with trolls like you.

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Seriously. And before you are going to be insulting because of your lack of arguments, here is why.

1. People are just fed up with this joke. As you can see here in the comments, whenever this "joke" is used, it causes drama, a lot. Understandable, since AJ is treated like shit both by this fandom and Hasbro itself. It is so overused that you have to endure it nearly in every single AJ post/music/comic/art whatever. The fact, that it caused so much negative feedback, leading the mod to remove it from the original post proves the point that it was only used for attention whoring.

2. This joke is not lighthearted. It's only purpose here is to troll AJ fans and mock the already least liked pony. How would you feel if your favorite character would be mocked in every single post for years? I can fully understand that her fans are a little sensitive when they have to create are like that:

Is this what you want from this fandom? Causing grieve and drama?

I cosplayed as AJ once, and even I was called "background pony" there in real. Imagine how this felt.

3. As a proud blogger on the biggest pony news side you should keep a certain distance and neutrality. Being biased towards a certain character is unfair for her fans, which are here to enjoy news and art about this character. And additionally, we already have Seth as constantly AJ mocking mod. There is no need for another one.

Kind regards,


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I am loosing more and more respect for EQD mods. Is Calpain really the only non-trolling mod around here?
I can hardly differentiate if this is 4chan or a pony blog.

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So, Seth is falling into his mocking apples apples apples period once again?
*Sigh* I thought he got better. I will just go enjoy Calpain's AJ headered posts with over 1900 comments.

Maybe it is just the mod that's bad?

Besides, if you going to stick through the last drawfriends, you see that almost all of them have between 40 and 60 comments, independent from the header. The only on that stands out here is Fluttershy, but as fan favorite pony with most fans, this is nothing unexpected.

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Just another clown

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Yeah, because your life saviour in the battle of death would just throw herself to the ground and start to cry instead of defending you.

Any smart person would chose Pinkie Pie instead.

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NONE of them would leave a friend behind, right, but as far as the show states, AJ is the ONLY one, that would sacrify her live for someone else. No other pony made that decision throughout the show in this very moment, they realize that they would not be able to escape.

And that is the point YOU are missing. Bill_Ames did not ask for someone that would stay by your side in dangerous situations, he did ask for someone who is WILLING to give themself up for you.

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That was not the point of Bill_Ames as far as I see. Nopony would hesitate to take action to save a friend, but in all the situations you descriped, noone of the "saviours" was at danger. The pegasi would not die from a fall because they can fly.

AJ in "Spike at your service" is a complete different situation. She had no change to escape and KNEW that she would die.
Hence, all she cared was to get Spike out.

This are completely different situations that can't be compared.

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No one was at grave danger at that time. The pegasi could try to escape by flying, unicorns by teleporting and Pinkie is Pinkie. The only one in real danger here was, again, Applejack.

Remember the last time a "hero" got stuck under a stone?

And there was no timber wolves at all.
That's what i mean by separating. Talking big is one thing, being brave in the fate of death another.