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beInSports is linked to the Al Jazeera Media Network which is the state broadcaster of Qatar. Its chairman is/was a minister in the Qatari government who has allegations of corruption swirling around him. At the moment Saudi Arabian-Qatari relations are deeply strained. Perhaps this has less to do with money than Saudi Arabia not wanting to fund their geopolitical opponents?

Ultimately football has become a business and foreign buyouts are part of that. There may be many reasons to oppose this Saudi-led bid but we should be realistic about the context surrounding the facts of this piracy.

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Why bother contesting these seats if we just put up Liberal Democrats? Surely it would be cheaper just to send all the electors a mailshot telling them to vote LibDem with a Conservative logo on the top of the page. Ms Bailey's articles on ConHome have been some of the worst published on this site. I would vote Labour in Stroud to prevent her election. At least you can campaign to oust a Labour MP next time round.

I am sure Ms Bailey is a fine upstanding person in her own right and if she were standing for the LibDems then I would commend her as a fine representative of that party... and campaign against her. As it is she is a parachute candidate and as her Labour opponent is a local man expect that fact to be used remorselessly against her.

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I am all for a third EU referendum (we had the second in 2016) we can have it in 2057 on rejoining whatever the European Union has become by then. Otherwise all the arguments made by Europhile fanatics are pure hypocrisy. I am sure that Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband fancied new elections in 2010 and 2015 because they lost. However the reality is that Leave won because sneering metropolitan liberals (see above) kept telling them what was good for them. 2017 was a blunder-tastic campaign by the Conservative Party and Theresa May is no campaigner but lets not forget that she won more seats than the 'blessed' David Cameron won in 2010 and more votes than he ever won. If the campaign (especially the manifesto) had been better we would have got over the line.

However my point is that while Remainaics like the author claim that they are underestimated he also alleges in that election that both Labour and the Conservatives were 'hard Brexit parties' so by his own logic the results look like this:

'Hard Brexit Parties' (CON/LAB/DUP/UKIP) - 589 MPs / 27.4m votes (85.1%)
Right-Thinking Remain Parties (LD/GRN/SF/SNP/PC) - 60 MPs / 4.5m votes (14.9%)

Therefore if both the Conservatives AND Labour are 'Hard Brexit' parties then the UK overwhelmingly voted for it. If Labour are not then the OP and all those opposing the position are advocates for a Jeremy Corbyn government. By any logic this article is nonsense and is just the childish rant of a bad loser who wants to keep replaying the game until they win. Still, in fairness, I think that he has now found the right party. Perhaps Soubry, Grieve, Clarke, Lee, Wollaston and Sandbach can join him?

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If this Conservative government ignores the EU referendum result then it will lose all credibility. I feel sorry for Metropolitan liberals (of a left or right wing economic persuasion) who cannot accept that they lost. It does not matter if the Conservative Party loses these voters or even the next General Election. If voters see that Conservatives obey the will of the people then we will be returned to power in time. If we defy the will of the people then we will not have a Conservative government again.

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Mass abortion, a sky high divorce rate, a mental health crisis, rising drug problems, growing radicalism . That is a liberal inspired collapse. I admit my answer is not complete but then I don't have the time to write down all of social liberalism's failures. Ps I see you have no positive arguments for social liberalism.

Edit. My apologies you appear to be a Remoaner. Facts make no difference to you.

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Oh yes, Modern liberal society has done wonders. The harm principle does not work in practice. Bad and harmful behaviour is not challenged unless it effects those groups favoured by society. Look at the modern UK. 50 years of liberalism has not been all that successful. Perhaps people have nasty little secrets they wouldn't like the headmistress to know about?

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This just sounds like a right-of-centre Lib Dem grouping. Social liberalism has been a disaster for the UK. You can rebuild an economy after a socialist bust but can you rebuild society after a liberal-inspired collapse?

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You have entirely missed the point here. I imagine your multinational company has many offices in the heart of metropolitan areas - like Austin, TX (Where 66% of voters voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 and votes reliably Democratic) or Central London. Hence your company employs left-metropolitan people. To argue otherwise is 'fake news'. You state all your colleagues call for these policies, of course they do! Your company employs people with certain views, like many in the tech sector, therefore you all agree and thus confirm each others bias.

'Activist' companies who deal in matters they are not experts in, in countries they do not pay tax in are noisy troublemakers. I dislike Momentum intensely, but they have got one thing straight - big multinationals need to keep their mouths shut on matters that do not involve them. I'm still waiting for companies like yours to start leaving en masse post-Brexit, something many threatened to do 'the day after the vote'.

Middle England has survived for centuries of turmoil and upheaval, tech companies and snowflake liberals in the major cities won't survive the next tech bubble.

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Labour currently have overall control of Wirral MBC and have had since 2012, they previously had OC between 1995 and 2002. The last time the Conservatives had overall control was 1986 (on previous boundaries). The Liberal Democrats have always held the balance of power when Labour has not had overall control.

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You raise various points here. Firstly anti-social behaviour, which is not exclusive to empty properties I am sure you will agree. Strictly speaking a property being used as a squat is not actually an empty property (in England and Wales). In many of the other cases you mention it is important that councils have the power to apply to the courts for appropriate orders as you mention. However if the property is unfit for human habitation it will have a correspondingly low value. It is highly unlikely that it would cover basic repairs and any council tax arrears. Even if this is the case, any additional profits must go to the original owner so the council may reduce their costs but it certainly would not eliminate them. If the owner is abroad this money must be held in trust for them for many years.