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Part 2
Recent History: Though only formed about 1 year ago in December 2007, the Rose Center has completed two major projects with exceptional success for both the students and the non-profit organizations. We prepared an economic impact study for our local Habitat for Humanity, which assist them in providing documentable need statements for current and potential donors. We also assisted a brand new non-profit organization to host the first ever community gathering to provide opportunities and educate local citizens in ways to lower their carbon footprint, and live healthier lives.

I am quite proud of our work. However, we have run into some problems with faculty mentors, seeking personal recognition and interfering with student efforts. Unfortunately, we did not have much success in the enlisted assistance from college administrators to control their instructors. The issue has brought our organization to a standstill. Perhaps, the Obama administration might which to pursue this avenue at a government level. I believe there is much value to inspiring our youngest and brightest to give back from their strengths. I would also welcome any comments from the discussion members here for a solution. Thank you for reading this posting!

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THE ROSE (Research Oriented Service Education) Center is a community and student research center where upper division student volunteers with their faculty mentors support local service group leaders in active problem solving endeavors.

Overview: Upper division students, who are eager to put their newly developed education into actual experience, seek internship opportunities. For the best students, there is a desire to grow beyond the apprentice experience, use their newly developed analytical and research strategies and to work on real world problem solving.

Elsewhere in the area, the breadth of their missions frequently over burdens the leaders and staff of community service organizations. These leaders have both devotion and a burning passion, but often do not possess either the time or the capital to hire consultants.

Our mission is to bring together these two groups for the benefit of both parties. We currently operate an independent research oriented service education center. The fundamental goals of the center are the provision of research and analysis experience for upper division students, and the delivery of problem solving services for community action groups and governmental organizations.

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We live in a rural area where many businesses are closing, many people are looking for jobs, and few opportunities are available. The local housing is standing still. The list of homes available for purchase is growing, and prices for many of these have fallen to their lowest possible levels, but even with bargain pricing, no one is buying.____The bank bailout package was not helpful. It focuses on only one point in the cycle of the housing market, the lenders. They are more of a funneling point in the market. To recover, we mainly need our families to have secure incomes and to feel confident to buy and/or maintain their home ownerships. ____The focus for recovery should be directed more towards income and providing a sense of security. President Obama’s plan to develop labor opportunities in fulfillment of our infrastructure, energy, and environmental needs will be a good strategy. Nevertheless, in this, we must not forget to include retraining citizens so they can meet the needs of these jobs. Without assistance in learning new skills, many will still be in a desperate state. Please give serious consideration in funding and supporting this aspect of the economic recovery plan, and thank you for listening to our concerns.

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IMany discussions are possible, and these may change a the future unfolds. At this current time, I think the transition agenda heading would be an excellent start for a discussion list. It would allow citizens to focus in areas of their expertise, and arrange discussions to allow the transition team members responsible for each area a presorted discussion to review. This would be more efficient for the team member responsible, and hopefully help keep the board discussions on topic. It would be important to include the last agenda topic “Additional Issues” to provide a place for fresh ideas that might not fit the other content areas.