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My car still has a tape deck too actually, I just haven't used it, ha!

And you could probably change that one social circle away to the same one pretty quickly by going to some of their concerts Ron! Just saying...

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haha, yeah, definitely not for everyone. I have to double check, but I believe they come with free mp3 versions of the songs as well. If you're going to rip songs from CD to computer and keep the CD for a souvenir, might as well have a tape as a souvenir. But then again, some people just prefer straight from downloads. It takes all kinds to make a world! :D

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Oh, by the way, if you liked the video, there is an extended 10 minute version of the interview here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l07RTy5ItxU

[youtube l07RTy5ItxUhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l07RTy5ItxU youtube]

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As a theatre/music person, I of course am so thrilled to have such a beautiful performance space, and am slightly jealous that it wasn't around when I was growing up and in shows more often.

I also love the variety of events that have been held at the center in the past several years. I have participated in the indoor Farmer's Markets and visited the gem & mineral show, a quilt show, wedding receptions, Christmas parties, and craft fairs.

My impression is that if there is enough interest, Rustin would work on booking nearly any kind of act you could want to see there. I know there has already been, dancing, musicals, concerts, comedians, wrestling, etc!

Sure, there may be some people in the town and county who really have no interest in anything that goes on there. There are also people who really have no interest in the Library, Rec. Center, the Trail System, the Hospital, the Fairgrounds, or the University. Does that mean we shouldn't have any of those things? Just because not everyone has the same interests? Of course some things are easier to justify - I bet nearly everyone is glad to have the Hospital nearby! But I don't think many begrudge anyone the Rec. Center... Or do they?

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Yeah, I'd say go for composting yourself, but if you aren't up for it just yet, there have to be dozens of local gardeners who would probably even fight over your leaves! I remember a piece in one of the papers several years back where the author talked about his strategies for getting other people's leaves before his competitors did. Certain yards were known to have the best ones... :-)

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You're welcome Brian, and thanks for the clarifying about the updated presentation made last Friday about the financial situation. Apparently that information hasn't made it to the fairfieldquietzone.org site yet.

Yes, I was actually curious as to why a Main Street closing was suggested over Court Street. My impression (which I am the first to admit may be totally incorrect!) is that Main Street has higher foot/bike traffic. Maybe there should be a survey or observation period to find out which one really is the least used?

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I am pretty sure Gupta's Vegetarian has one or two days per week that they offer a spicy option and include onions and garlic options on those days as well. I am not personally a fan of spicy food so I can't remember which day(s) it was, or if they are still doing that...

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And that's just previewing 2 songs! There are LOTS and LOTS more people in the whole show. Kind of mind-blowing really...

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I saw and loved their spring concert, I'm sure this one will be just as wonderful!